Pot Calls Kettle Black: News at 11

Hey, greetings fellow Obama critics, or should I say, fellow racists?Yes, that’s right; if you so much as dare to breathe even a scintilla of critical analysis about the national disaster train wreck that is President Obama and his socialist agenda for America, you are now a racist.Just ask the grindingly prejudiced Southern Poverty Law Center or Cuba’s why-isn’t-he-dead-yet Fidel Castro or Hollywood hackette Janeane Garofalo.They’ve demonized you nine ways to Sunday so own up to being a demon and get on with your life…preferably marginalized, ignored, unwashed, unloved and ridden out of town on a rusty rail.

It’s their America now, not yours, peasant, so shut-up when our oh-so-corrupt rulers legally loot the public treasury at their convenience.Corrupt?Did I say corrupt?I beg your pardon!It’s “morally challenged” in the brave new world of socialist double-speak.

Remember all the true moral outrage of real Americans at the Town Hall meetings especially aimed at the elected members of the Jackass Party?Authentic, spontaneous and honest Town Halls are slated for extinction because Democrats can’t stand the smell of real people.Right, Senator Harry Reid?Since Democrats are quick studies get set for stage-managed pro-Obama rallies, where political dissent will be a thing of the past because Obama’s Union thugs will make sure to beat it out of you.

For Obama-friendly Town Halls you won’t have to slink onto YouTube either like you do now to catch a glimpse of real, patriotic Americans fighting desperately but peacefully for what’s left of their county.Our colluding Main Stream Media will make sure that the Obama propaganda lollapaloozas will be the only ones you will see plastered all over the alphabet soup TV stations.Never mind that the only props Obama and his union and ACORN goons are still missing are “Seig Heil” salutes, snappy black uniforms with rigidly graphic eagles clutching big O’s and banners proclaiming “Arbeit macht frei”.That will come later as an increasingly jaded and over-taxed public needs more and more sensationalism to keep up its enthusiasm for its daily dose of Obama.

But why stop there when there are so many more ways to tongue-tie your political opponents besides just simply labeling them “racist” at every opportunity?At some point the term “racist” is going to loose its sting simply from untrue and self-projective overuse.Since the Obamunists are so enthralled with European-style National Socialism for now and eventually international socialism/communism once the North American Union…oops…the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America goes into effect, let’s look and see what fresh linguistic hell the British Euro-peons are experiencing from their own tyrannical rulers.

Yes, that well-spring of free thought and the glorious English language is now busily purging itself of some colorful words and phrases just like the character Winston Smith did for Airstrip One in George Orwell’s 1984, which, as one of my British friends keeps saying,”… is just a novel, not an instruction manual.”

Such phrases as “gentleman’s agreement”, “right-hand man” and even “master bedroom” are now struck off as sexist.However, racist phrases are the main worry of the word Nazis so your laundry is no longer allowed to be called “whiter than white” and heaven help you if you give someone a “black look” or a “black mark”.And don’t you dare “black ball” someone for committing a social faux pas!

The Brits changed Baa, baa black sheep years ago to Baa, baa green sheep but as of today you can’t label someone the “black sheep of the family”.Even the term “ethnic minority” is right out because “minority” has the connotation of “lesser” and, when you get right down to it, at a mere 8% of humanity, if any race can be considered an ethnic minority, it’s the whites…oh dear…I mean Caucasians.

Hmmmm…come to think of it, the root of the word “slave” is “Slav”, which means the first slaves were…wait for it…whites, so where the heck are MY reparations?As an American of Polish root stock, shouldn’t I be getting some sort of compensation from modern day Italians because Italy once was the seat of the Roman Empire?What type of sinister conspiracy is this that denies me of my rightful due?

Oh…heck…I just insulted the left-handed when I used the word “sinister” while I used the root “right” in an approving manner…