Fashion Police In UK Impose Burkinis On Non-Muslims

Summer 2009 may be half way over but there’s still time to work on that tan down by the public swimming pool. Unless, of course, you happen to live in the UK and then sunburn and tan lines will be the least of your worries. It turns out that non-Muslim recreational swimmers must adhere to sharia approved swim wear or be turned away from taxpayer funded municipal pools and state schools. It’s the UK’s latest move to accommodate its increasingly demanding, never-satisfied, always-probing-for-weaknesses Islamic community.

With such blatant favoritism guaranteed to stir up even greater antipathy towards Muslims than already exists, the politically correct pool fool administrators across the country are now insisting on sex-segregated access, that men, yes men, “…cover themselves from the navel to the knee…” and that women show only their faces, hands and feet. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t Muslim; you either wear “modest” Muslim approved dress during the days or hours designated for Muslim swimmers or you don’t so much as dip your big toe in the water.

Large, baggy swim wear for men has been a regrettable sportswear staple for years and even topping those trunks off with a tee shirt won’t impede the swimmer too much. However, on the distaff side of the equation, form fitting wet suits aren’t modest enough and Doctor Denton jammies are right out because they have drop door rear ends. So it’s the burkini for you, baby, or else!

Now the burkini is one of those bad joke clothing items dreamt up by modern cultural jihadists and passed off as sharia compliant when there is absolutely no requirement for them in the Koran or hadiths. Burkinis made their first fashion appearance in 2007 in Australia when Lebanese designer, Aheda Zanetti, came up with the concept in order to provide an alternative to Western swim wear considered suitable for Muslim female immigrants in sun, sea and surf crazy Australia.

It doesn’t matter that there is modest Western swim wear available or that it shouldn’t matter what the sexes wear when segregated. What the burkini represents is the latest manifestation of gang clothing as a visual symbol of Islamic colonization within the public arena of community centers and their pools. Like the hijab and burqa before it, the burkini is a rejection of the Western concept of physical freedom and equality among the sexes. It creates a hostile atmosphere for both non-Muslims and non-fundamentalist Muslims alike.

Even if there is less fabric than a burqa involved, the burkini is also a safety hazard. Anyone, who has taken a swimmers’ survival course, knows what it is like trying to stay afloat in a pool for fifteen minutes while wearing normal street clothing. Your hands, feet and head are uncovered but your body is weighed down by your waterlogged shirt and jeans. Wet clothing is heavy clothing and if it’s that challenging for experienced swimmers, just how easy will a first-time-in-the-pool burkini clad woman of any religious persuasion find the pool in a hooded all-in-one topped off with a loose tunic over the torso?

Two weeks ago I wrote that catering to Islamic cultural jihadism through the appeasement of Political Correctness was driving the UK insane and this week I found out the distance one needs to drive, or swim actually, between that insanity and the sane world. It’s a mere 21 miles at the Straits of Dover, which is the English Channel’s narrowest width between the UK and France.

Normally it’s the French, who are the cultural crazies and the English, who have a firm grip on reality but when it comes to fashion, no one messes with the French. Just last week a 35 year old Muslim convert known as “Carole” was thrown out of a Parisian pool because her burkini ran afoul of the “No swimming while clothed” rules of public hygiene. Pulling out the old religious discrimination card, Carole is now looking to sue in what is obviously a test case for Islamic dress to infiltrate another area of modern French life.

The Muslims know that the French are in favor of banning the burqa and niqab because the French, with their North African and Middle Eastern colonial past, understand more than any other nation in the EU, the meanings and manifestations of Islamic dress.

In typical French response to “Carole’s” cultural jihadism, the Parisian suburb’s mayor, Alain Kelyor, asserted, “All this has nothing to do with Islam because the pool rules prohibit swimming while dressed. That type of suit does not exist in the Koran”.

Even French communists “get” the implications of the burkini and MP Andre Gerin stated, “We can’t allow this. This is proof that there is a political agenda behind such dress.” He then went on to label the burkini “ridiculous” and backed up the pool administrators’ actions.

So the French understand what current, cultural jihadist Islamic dress means in terms of female equality, visual display and maintaining the ascendancy of French culture over immigrant culture within France. “Carole” knows it too. She converted at age 17 so is cognizant of what she’s lost and, like converts the world over, is avid to proselytize about what free men and women would consider a mistake of massive proportions. Now married, she more than likely converted to please her then boyfriend and, one hopes, he stayed true to her. Besides, in a religion that heartily approves of wife-beating, burkinis do have the added advantage of covering up all those embarrassing bumps, bruises and contusions at poolside.