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Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Conservatism
Can conservative + grassroots + Christian = edgy and insightful political commentary?

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Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Conservatism strikes again!

Every Thursday at 6:00 pm PT hosts Babe Huggett and Warner Todd Huston discuss and examine current political events, put them in historical context and follow trends to their logical conclusions through a conservative, Christian viewpoint. Scheduled guests will enjoy their own featured segment. Phone in comments from listeners always welcome!

On tonight’s show:Hosts Babe Huggett & Warner Todd Huston dig deep & analyze the news with their usual insightful and historical approach all the while being as politically irreverent as possible! Can’t tell fact from fantasy anymore and it’s inducing real anxiety? Well, now we’re really going to give you something to worry about as tonight’s guest, that calm, soothing and debonair Public Relations expert and founder of the National Anxiety Center, Alan Caruba, tells us all why President Obama’s political high jinks are the perfect storm for America.

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Date / Time: 8/6/2009 at 6:00 PM Pacific/ 8:00 PM Central/9:00 PM Eastern

Tonight’s Topic: Dissecting Obama’s Perfect Storm destruction of America.

Call-in Number: (347) 237-4040

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