Help Ted Cruz now!!

A lot of my friends on Facebook are posting Donald Trump memes.  This is a great time to remind people that there are more choices than just Hillary and Donald.  Even if your friend is a liberal who hates Trump you can make comments and have conversations with Republican friends of theirs who respond to the pictures, etc.  The media gives tons of free airtime to the Donald we need to point that out and ask why they always pretend he’s the only one in the race.  Remind people about Ted Cruz’s great record on individual freedoms and trying (as one Senator to lower spending).

Remember to remind people that just like politicians have a track record, he has a track record.  His track record always involves shafting the little guy.  Remind them of the laborers that got shafted when they didn’t get paid for building his buildings when the Donald went bankrupt.  Remind them of the people who heard all Donald’s promises (just like the ones he is making the country) about Trump University but just got scammed out of their money when he didn’t keep his promises.  Remind them about the disabled veterans who had special licenses for food carts to earn money in New York City, but Donald blocked them with big potted plants from in front of his buildings and wrote letters against them to the mayor because they were an eyesore.  Also, do we know if the vets got the money that he supposedly raised for them?  It all went to his foundation.

Be willing to good naturally admit he looks like Herman Munster (if only Ted Cruz was as good looking as the Donald, maybe he could borrow some self-tanner from Donald?)  If we all could just convince 1 or 2 or 3 people we really could make a difference in this really important race.