Resting b**** face, and getting around Christian shorthand

Senator Cruz,

I don’t have time to write this, but I have been talking to friends who dislike you and here are some things you need to really address.  (Hopefully by tomorrow…)

1.  This is stupid, but in the day that a reality show star is creaming you in the presidential primary you need to address the fact that some people are reacting to the fact that you look like someone out of central casting for a bad guy (resting b**** face for the millennials).  Maybe some self-deprecating humor, there has to be a PR person who knows a good way to blunt a problem which sadly is a real issue in this day and age.


2.  The left has had decades controlling the entertainment industry and the public education industry.  They have had long enough to turn any Christian reference into shorthand for intolerance, hypocrisy, and outright evil.  So your shoutouts to “the body of Christ”, etc. are just backfiring.  We all know you are religious, the people that that’s a plus for don’t need it spelled out.   Your delivery sounds a bit too preachery too.  Try to just focus on how what your saying effects ordinary Americans.

If you talk about your religion it should be in the context of it motivating you to always fight for liberty and freedom which is what your record shows in the Senate.  You should really be running on your record.  Constitutional libertarianism is a very compelling argument and should be the focus of your appeal.  Your backstory of your family loving the freedom of America is very compelling.  Democrats are the ones who divide people up (black vs. white, men vs. women) you should be the most freedom for the most people, not Christians vs. Others.  Hit the Donald up on the fact that he says the Pres. of the US should do something about making people say “Merry Christmas”, just shows what a panderer he is and how he just says nonsense that’s not realistic;  this would surprise people in a good way.

But don’t let anyone imply profoundly Christian people don’t belong in govt.  (Even those with really intense family members.  🙂  ) You can fight back hard on that, but references to Christianity need to be explained in the context of freedom, not just trying to rally the troops.  It’s backfiring.

3.  There are issues that anger people that the Donald is not even smart enough to address.  How about the fact that all the Social Security funds have been raided and most us will be affected by this theft.  Immigration is still a big issue, but there are many other ways to get people interested enough in having a strong conservative in office.  Make some news tomorrow.

You would be a great president if you can survive the Donald.  If we all can…