Conservation Tip for President Obama

President Obama,

We all know how important the environment is to you and your administration.  No sacrifice is too great.   Gas prices can continue to skyrocket– who cares?– as long as you save an almost endangered lizard.   And the trade-off between getting that plague, carbon, out of the air or having a growing economy — not even a tough decision.

But here’s a tip that you may not be familiar with.  Those of us who drive ourselves around and pay for our own gas have a little trick that we do called combining errands.  We keep a list of anything we need to pick up or errands we need to run and then when we are going one direction we make sure we pick up anything we need or do any errands from that part of town all at the same time.  This way we save gas by not having to take so many trips.  It isn’t much, but if we all pitch in we can make the world a cleaner place.  Here’s an example for how it could work for you–  if you are running for president and people keep asking about your birth certificate, and you realize that at some point you may want to show it to them, the next time you are in Hawaii on business or, say, a vacation you have someone pick that up for you.  It won’t save any almost endangered lizard, but you could save over 10,000 gallons of jet fuel.  (Not to even mention all those billable hours your attorney charged you when you sent him to Hawaii to pick the birth certificate up for you.)

We’re all in this together… shared sacrifice, you know.  So, I’ll keep my to-do list so I can combine grocery trips, and you stop sending your private attorney to Hawaii.  If you need any more environment saving tips you can talk to a man who’s just as committed to saving the environment as you, Al Gore (err… maybe not). Look, here’s a list I found for you online 50 Ways to Conserve Energy | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/way_5465152_ways-conserve-energy.html#ixzz1Kp7dImcK.  Hopefully I’ve been helpful.