Stop, Look and Listen-- or Sarah P. and six things we can maybe agree on

Cool night, maybe the start of something really good!  Not so much in my state, but we can enjoy other people’s good fortune.

Meanwhile… Erik has already been talking about Sarah P. before the election and I’m going to jump in before I wake up and discover that the Republican nominee has been chosen for me while I sleep.  I’ve tried to find things that we can agree on because these Palin discussions can get so petty sometimes.  And we agree on 98% of issues.

Can even some dedicated Palinites agree with these?

  1. When the media starts whipping up an issue they sometimes have ulterior motives.  They may not just be happening to uncover this Republican “old boys club” plotting against Sarah P. right now.  There may be a reason for all the attention.
  2. As the Journolist comments indicate, reporters believe they know what buttons to push to manipulate conservatives.  Remember the race card plotting and, “This makes them sputter with rage, which in turn leads to overreaction and self-destruction.”  Could they possibly be trying to choose our nominee?
  3. The press sometimes creates a drumbeat trying to speed up narrowing the field of candidates because it’s easier to caricature one person instead of covering and discussing issues.  Was I the only one who wanted to hear more from Kasich and Forbes in 2000 before discovering that I could only choose between McCain, Bush and Keyes?  I remember hearing over and over again that Mr. Bush was the favorite and it would be very hard for anyone to touch his fundraising before I even knew who all the candidates were.
  4. Sometimes choosing someone based on star power is not the best choice for getting someone to govern well.  The Republican party and the Conservative movement is supposed to be for grown ups.  Let’s hear what everyone has to say.  In a wide open year, we are possibly deciding the president for 12-16 years.   Let’s give this decision the thought that it requires, there are many very interesting Republican leaders with good track records.
  5. Star power cuts two ways, someone who is well-known may be frozen in public opinion because people think they already know them.  High unfavorables may be hard to turn around.
  6. We can dislike the Republican party “old boys club” and despise the media attack dogs that continue to go after Mrs. Palin without immediately jumping in to make her the nominee of the party.

This being said– I don’t hate Mrs. Palin.  She would obviously be MANY times better than Mr. Obama.    I think she has improved in many areas since she was first thrown out onto the national stage.  It’s very fun to see a strong conservative woman really bothering the media the way she does.  Let’s just take our time– let’s make sure we don’t miss out on having the very best person for the very hard job of belt tightening and nation securing that will be ahead of the person who wins in 2012.

I hope there is some common ground to be found, because we all want the same thing.