So it's Sotomayor; another liberal who can save us

Not too much of a surprise–  although a few political writers have noted that with the Obama’s selection criteria would have made Paula Abdul an equally good a choice.

Sotomayor’s New Haven firefighters decision is so scary, and in my mind it mostly speaks to conservatives’ inability to communicate ideas to the masses effectively.  Any educated person would realize that it is unconstitutional to favor one group over another, yet people see that some groups really are disadvantaged in this country.  The disgusting irony is that the liberals contribute to minorities lack of educational opportunity by not allowing competition to improve education (especially in areas where many minorities lack opportunities), then they get the credit for bailing them out with affirmative action.

Other areas they do this:  Healthcare– out of control malpractice suits, low medical reimbursements for government programs like Medicare and Medicaid, and insurance co.’s being forced to cover more and more conditions that their customers did not contract for cause prices to spiral up; then government is going to come in and save us with nationalized healthcare.   Welfare– they break down the family structure with welfare payments, then rescue the disadvantaged kids with more welfare.  Gas–  they jack the price of gas up with taxes and by not letting us use the US’s oil reserves then grill the evil oil company executives to show American’s they are helping them with high gas prices.   And it works well in reverse too–  Katrina– the liberal city and state governments in LA had been squandering federal money instead of fixing up levies and creating effective disaster plans and yet George Bush got the bulk of the fallout from the ineffective response because he wasn’t able to get in there and send buses street by street and and distribute the aid supplies that the local governments should have been doing.

All right all you conservative politicians, we don’t have access to media in order to publish the message, but you have to make the case that the point would be to solve the underlying problems instead of letting politicians create more problems that require mortgaging our futures to pay knights in shining armor to rescue us.  Let’s hear an active platform of solutions——  Schoool choice, health care accounts that encourage people to shop around and use health care dollars wisely, roll back the recent roll back of the effective welfare roll back of the Clinton years (sorry it gets confusing),  use of America’s own oil and gas resources, etc. etc. etc.  We need some one to make this case for us!!