In America’s time of turmoil we need a proven leader. We are making history as we speak on many different fronts. The Stock Market and the Economy, Energy Crisis, and the war abroad are all issues that America is coping with. So in these crossroads of Americas future I thought it was important to do a little homework on our proposed leaders.
Wanting truth and answers I found the website for Project Vote Smart. A non-profit, non-partisan group of volunteers who compile, collect and make available to the voters a wealth of information of all elected government officials and current candidates. The record shows that while Obama has Senator he has either Not Voted or Did Not Show 90% of the time. Is that an effective leader who is conveying into Washington the tax payers voice? On the other hand McCain has voted one way or the other most of time, conveying the voice of American Tax Payers to Washington. Showing up to work, and doing his job that our tax dollars pay for insted of not doing anything one way or the other. Do we want change, or do we want more lip-service? Do we want a leader in Washington or just another talking head puppet? It is one thing to talk about change and fill a speech up with a bunch of great sounding words to appease the masses, its completely different to let your actions speak louder than your words. Well Done John McCain! I think you’ve proven through your many years of service to this country that you are ready to take us through the difficult decisions and times that lie ahead!

ref: www.votesmart.org

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