Saiful Jamil accident (UPDATED)

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Photos of Saiful Jamil accident that caused Virginia Saiful Jamil’s wife passed away I get from the forum seconds. Previous news about the accident in this period was busy Lebaran reported in several new social networking but kebenaranya confirmed this afternoon. The following conditions state car photograph released Saipul jamil inilah.com.

Saiful Jamil Accident
Chronology of accident Saipul Jamil and his wife Virginia started according to a second trip back to Jakarta after celebrating Eid al-Fitr in Bandung Avanza 09.00 am riding with nine relatives. Saipul sopiri car in the off-balance in KM 97 Toll Purbaleunyi around 10:00 am and then hit the road divider on the right. Head of Public Relations Jasa Marga Purbaleunyi Syaiful Jamil estimates at drowsy driving

The collision made ​​the right cars destroyed by the collision and overturned several times. Saipul wife Virginia who sits on the right suffered the most serious injuries on the head, which then led to a married woman is not unusual Syaiful jamil survive. This post news about the accident photos Saiful Jamil.