Obama's State of the Union Pep Rally Speech

Obama talked about innovation and big ideas in the State of the Union speech. The American people are doing just fine in these departments. If we did not have worry about the government going broke , we would do even better. States and the federal government do not know how to balance a checkbook. Maybe they should focus on innovation and big ideas in that area. To lead by example is the best thing government do. I would not take advice from a family member in debt. Why would I take advice from a government that’s 14 trillion in debt. You can not inspire innovation if you know nothing about innovation. 14 trillion in debt does not come from years of innovation. 14 trillion in debt comes from years of bad ideas. Sarah Palin was right when she said, “There were a lot of “WTF” moments throughout that speech.”

I would love a ‘Sputnik Moment’. Securing our borders would be a sputnik moment. Ending the river of illegal drugs would be a sputnik moment.Stopping terrorists from coming across the border would be a sputnik moment. Phoenix Arizona is becoming kidnapping capital of the world. Stopping Mexican drug cartels from taking over American cities would be a sputnik moment. Maybe these are not sputnik moments to Obama. We do not need a sputnik moment. We just need the government to do it’s job. After many years and billions of dollars they can’t build a fence. They can put a man on the moon, but can’t build a fence. WTF?

How is killing the budget for NASA winning the future? Cutting the federal budget is not rocket science. We need NASA. We do not need the NEA. We do not need NCCAM. If I pray for a person with HIV will it help them? That is the kind of research NCCAM spends money on. The National Institute of Health does a lot of great work. There are a few research projects that need to go. Research into cancer and HIV is a must. Tobacco Research is something we can do without. State Department budget should be cut to 30 billion. The State Department need innovation and big ideas. All it has now are stupid ideas. Trillions can be cut from the budget. We do not have to cut food stamps. We do not have to raise retirement age. We just need a President that lives in the real world. What sounds good in a speech does not always work in the real world.

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