A Brutal Assessment of our Day in The United States of America


I truly do not want to write this diary tonight! Period!

Please understand that I am addressing America as a whole with no specific negative intention towards anybody on RedState. Starting with Erick on down, I find this site has a much higher percentage of the basic comprehension of all the critical issues and problems blowing up in our nation than any other site I visit. Please read this diary in that context.

Isaiah would understand what I am writing tonight.

America, we have come to a critical breaking point of the difference between the holy and the profane before our God’s Face and Presence. Lest we forget, our God in His mercy to found this nation as a light to the nations of the world of our modern time, programmed a great thing and spiritual ) purpose for this(not secular) nation. Yes, I know we have a secular government. But I have learned that God Almighty can use even a secular government and nation to be a light of truth and liberty for other nations. He doesn’t necessarily need a theocracy or monarchy to accomplish that end. And now, we have a POTUS who is proudly and arrogantly, overtly-in-your-face rebelling against that purpose and choosing the side of darkness, evil and all-out rebellion against the first purposes of God’s intention for this nation. There was no a whole light of light in the world when America was first conceived though the Renaissance was the beginning of a break through out of the Dark Ages. This utterly contemptible rebellion against all truth cannot end well for him and his circle of criminal traitors. And many American citizens may very well suffer the results of his evil heart and wicked agenda.

Do we know what this even means?

Do we understand that none of our political aspirations, hopes and dreams mean anything whatsoever to the Lord and God of Heaven’s Perfecting Light and Wisdom, our God Who was so gracious to bless the founding fathers of this nation in its root and struggling of a very little beginning in the face of great world empires…that is, if we continue to rebel against the axioms of higher law, truth and wisdom?

If such hopes are not according to that greater, higher will of His Wisdom that helped our founding fathers in the beginning, then we are lost and no more conversation from beginning to end is going to change anything. We can talk about this and that and every other issue of what we think is good…but all will be to no avail if we do not return to the basic root of truth and faith of our beginnings. Any hope for our nation will begin or end on this matter of a thing higher than our tiny, mortal and carnal interpretation of what life, truth, wisdom and higher knowledge is really all about.

Do we understand that all our blogs, our opinions, our diaries, and our assessment of this today’s geo-socio-politico interpretations of what is actually happening, a thing unbeknownst to the deceiving media of our day…may actually mean nothing to God and Heaven’s interpretation and take of all these things?…that all our words may be nothing but wind if they are not according to His higher Wisdom for our Nation?

Remember what He said through the mouth of Isaiah….all the nations are a drop in the bucket to Him and Lebanon is not even sufficient to burn!

If that doesn’t get your attention, nothing will. Because in the end, God, in His Time and Season, will have His way and all the rest of our carnal desires and riches, entertainment, sports and stupid stuff will be burned as worthless hay and blown to the four winds of His great Universe.

I fear to say this lest some of you think I am some religious nut. But like men of old, I have had visions, most terrifying visions and nightmares of what is coming to America. That I have even lived through these visions of the night makes me to know the great grace of our God like those of the ancient day understood.

We need to sit down, humble ourselves before our God and take account of our actions, our words, our hopes, our convictions…and face the hard truth of what is coming our way like a tsunami of recompense out of Heaven’s Gate.

Just sayin’ friends, just sayin’

Shalom always and forever…Angelle

PS: Just know this too, I love all of you on here and I respect your voices and pray to my God to protect you for having the courage to speak the truth in our harrowing day.





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