From a Mad Scientist: My Experiment to Wipe out Stupidity About Gun Control


I had to think twice about posting this after the grief of the travesty in Oregon. But I am posting it because of the grief and the stupidity of a thousand mantras about gun control and our 2nd Amendment rights. I pray for God’s mercy upon the families who suffered untimely losses. I am not without terrible, personal loss at the hands of evil. That alone keeps me from becoming a cold hearted individual. But I also know, progressive liberals jump on every one of these senseless tragedies just like they are already doing again with this one. We can’t lay down and let them have the conversation alone. Because with absolute gun control, we will lose a lot more in coming years. So while I truly grieve with the broken hearts of those stung by hatred and murder today, I must at the same time, speak out against this tsunami type liberal reaction, and the next one and the next one… Gun control will not ever stop these murderous occasions.

I confess, as a “mad scientist”, I am diligently working day and night on a mind control project. It is called…well, Mind-Control Project.

It is designed strictly for progressive stupids on the subject of gun control. What I do is come up with some really catchy sayings about guns and people. Then I try, by sheer mental will-power, to assimilate these awesome, brilliant axioms of universally great thought into the stupidity, ignorance, naivete and self-serving agendas and brains of progressive, walking dead liberals. Hmm…I’m kind of feeling like a Borg myself today hoping I can make their resistance futile.

Since the “guns don’t kill but people kill” slogan is a bit overused although still true, I’ll pass on that one today.

These are the thoughts I will try to secretly assimilate into their stupidity:

1. Never in history has a gun ever had a choice in the killing it was used for. It goes without saying that a gun has no mind or will of its own.
2. Element A: Guns are extrinsic.
3. Element B: People with brains and wills are intrinsic.
4. Element B makes the decision to pick up Element A and uses it without its permission.
5. Element B will continue doing this no matter how many gun free zones there are and no matter how much gun control there is. UCC proved that once again.

Seriously, some of the critical issues facing our nation and the whole, burning world today truly do need a King Solomon’s wisdom.

But not this one. Common sense and some basic intelligence will do just fine.

I cannot guarantee my hybrid-thinking experiment will actually convert the brains of progressive thought to actual critical thought. I am almost guaranteed that won’t happen. But I’ll be satisfied if I can burn new mantras into their brains as an oversampling device that will automatically kick in and override stupidity. Tell me, am I expecting too much?

There. I feel better. Hope you do too.

Now, let me go fire up my apparatus and see if this works. If it does, it will be in the news before the day’s end and I’ll become an overnight sensation and the first trillionaire. If it backfires, I will quickly be moving to another planet before sunrise tomorrow.

Shalom and have a great day, everybody!

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