What Would God say about Planned Parenthood and Abortion?

Preface: I credit Erick’s diary, It’s Just the Right Thing to Do, for inspiring this diary. I started to comment on his diary and was into the second paragraph when I realized, I needed to turn that comment into a diary. So here it is. Thanks Erick for a great diary!

Okay, I humbly confess, I am just one more insignificant, temporary mortal breath and piece of dust like everybody else.

Having said that, let me dare to attempt to say what I think God and Heaven just might say to this nation in language we can easily understand about defunding Planned Parenthood. I do so trembling in reverential fear and a holy dread of my God so that I don’t misspeak or misrepresent Him. After all, I am one trillionth of a second. He is Eternal.

So there He is one day in Congress. A full House.

Suddenly! Just like that. Kind of like He shows up once in a while every thousand years or so. Of course, He doesn’t show His visible Self right away. He’s just been listening…waiting…watching all our foolishness. He’s heard all the arguments, debates, stupidity, weakness, excuses, etc. He knows we’re approaching 60 million murders in the womb in this nation since 1973. He didn’t need to watch the Planned Parenthood expose videos. He was there all the time watching the actual butchering as it was taking place. Yep, He’s been watching this savagery for 42 years. I don’t understand patience like that. But hey, what I do know?

What would He say?

I can only guess, so I’ll give it a shot and ask readers of my diary to forgive me if I seem presumptuous. So here goes. I beg a pardon if needed.

Okay, people, a lot of you got all riled up when a dentist killed Cecil the lion. Ten thousand lions don’t come close to equaling one innocent human life. Besides, I didn’t die for lions. Get over it.

Some of you are seriously concerned about the evil violence and heinous actions of ISIS. Can’t really blame you there. I’m not too happy about what they’re doing to a whole lot of people, young girls, women, Christians, Jews, even some of their own kind.

But in your own house, your nation, half, if not more than half of you look the other way with blind eyes and stone-cold hearts and don’t seem to seem to understand or care that many of these little, tiny innocents bear terrible pain when they are being cut up, chopped up, sliced and diced, quartered and slaughtered as if mere tissue.  They cannot convey their agony and pain to their murderers.

You call them fetuses. I call them precious human life. You say they are mere tissue. I say they are the beginning seeds of great potential life who I could actually do something with if you would just give Me a chance to do so.

You say there are other more important issues.

Excuse Me!?

Name Me one, just one issue more important than the sanctity of life, especially innocent, helpless life.

Your economy? You’ve got to be kidding Me? Do you seriously think mammon is more important than human life?

National security?

Wrong again, carnal, mortal dust. Because if you cannot provide security for your smallest, most innocent, helpless forms of life, why should I even give one millisecond of thought from Heaven to Hell about protecting you and your nation? Maybe one day you yourselves will be up against something that you will be absolutely powerless to resist. If you call Me on Heaven’s phone that day, I just might remind you about how helpless these little innocents were against your evil of dispensing them so casually and violently, even making money off some of them.

You know, you wouldn’t be the first people I’ve told to go on their way because they wouldn’t listen when I called to them early and rising, day and night. I have My voices. You’re just not listening. You fill your ears and hearts and souls with the junk food of society. You have ears to hear but cannot hear, eyes to see but are blind, and hearts that dulled and hardened so they cannot understand.

So listen up, people. I could go on and on about your sins. Your nation has all kinds of critical problems about to overwhelm it. And I am not going to lift one Finger to help you until you face your evils, wickedness and perversions head on. It’s called repentance, America. Perhaps you’ve heard that word out of the mouths of a couple or so concerned souls that I’ve kind of moved on the last few years of late, even the last couple of thousand years. I’m actually pretty good at that moving on people thing, not that everybody listens most of the time. And please don’t ask Me about the sins of other nations like Russia, China, Iran, whoever, because today, you’re the one I’m talking to. I’ll get to them later. They’re My business. But I will say this, you’re making a really, really bad mistake by throwing Israel under the bus. There could be a bus coming to a nation near you! Just thought I’d throw that in there though it’s a little off topic. But hey, it’s ME. I can do that if I want.

But understand this, O! nation…….I AM going to visit you again. I AM, in My way and time, My season, not yours, going to bring justice upon your heads because God and Heaven need peace about this matter. Even the prophets knew that about My Heart needing to react to man’s defections at times just to get Me a little peace here and there. Yes, I put that in their hearts and minds to understand what you have no clue about today. Noah’s Flood was one of those occasions. So was the handwriting on the wall in King Belshazzar’s day when I took the kingdom away from idolatrous Babylon in one single night’s time. That Sodom and Gomorrah thing was My deal too! You really should pay more attention to those things.

You busy yourselves and bow down at the altars of sports, culture, entertainment, sexual intrigue and pornography. Yes, you worship there daily. You comfort your minds with your self-satisfying, self-gratifying pleasures and every kind of sensual lust and sexual perversions under the SON/SUN. I think I remember inspiring My great apostle Paul to write and prophesy that in the last days, men would become lovers of themselves and lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God. Yes, yes, I remember that well now! He wrote that to Timothy. And some of those perversions today have led to this great slaughter that has Me not feeling so good about you, all the while you are arguing and debating in your political forums and processes, all of which I could sweep away in an instant just like I spoke through the mouth of Jeremiah.

So know this. Your day is coming. I won’t tell you when. I’ll just say, O nation, O nation, watch your back, because you are no better than your predecessors. If I did not spare ancient Israel, a nation I chose and had a Face to face Covenant with, how much less will I spare you? That nation was under the law of the blood of bulls and goats. You are on this side of that Great Eternal Sacrifice and Holiest Blood of My Son Who I gave as My All in All. So do not be haughty and think that you, America, are any better than they were.

So long for now. If I hang around here too much longer, I just might suddenly decide to wipe many of you out like you are wiping out many innocent lives. Think about that. I COULD make it an even exchange. 60 million lives for 60 million innocents. Seems fair to Me. You may have a little time. You may not. With Me, you just never know. I pay no attention to all the prognosticators who attempt to date the end of the world or this or that. I don’t know any of them. Pay no attention to them whatsoever.

One never knows but God. For in My hand are the times and the seasons to change. My prophet Daniel understood that quite clearly.

O Nation, you are, excuse Me, you were once a great and powerful nation. But you could be gone quickly if I would but breathe just a little bit of wind upon your land overnight. I dispense of great nations and empires like you step on little piss ants. And you’ve basically treated millions of innocent seeds of life as nothing more than little piss ants. Remember what My prophet Isaiah said…All the nations are but a drop in the bucket to Me, and Lebanon is not even sufficient to burn. Please, don’t forget that little tidbit of past information.

Never, ever forget that!

Signing off for just a little second…





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