The Borg have Landed in the United States of America

I have not owned a TV for years. I am not a culture, sports and entertainment worshiper. I love the peace from all the clamoring noise. But as I read James Longstreet’s article over on American Thinker: A Nation’s Demise by its Own Design, written early am today, I was starkly reminded of an episode of Star Trek: The New Generation back in the 1980s involving a species called the Borg. They became one of the most terrifying villains of all time in the Star Trek: The New Generation series. Their process of “assimilation” was a manner of injecting nano-probes into their victims to make them, that is, force them to become one single mind and body unit with them.

Think about that process in light of the rapidly declining state of the Nation today. The illegals are not assimilating into our culture, rule of law or way of American life. It appears to me that just the opposite is happening. With the help and thrust of the SCOTUS, the POTUS and his criminal-no-penalties-to-be-paid cohorts, we are being injected with massive negative effects of illegal immigration. One just needs to look at Europe to see how much of it is largely being overrun and assimilated with Sharia Law, ISIS plants and other evils under the Sun. And the media here in the US and in Europe is compliant with these modern day Borg, aiding and abetting the takeover.

Now I have to ask myself, and you, how long can this massive influx go on before that phrase, “resistance if futile” begins to become a common reality in the United States? The Borg took other species’ distinctiveness and added it to their own make-up. They forced cultures to adapt by assimilating them in order to service the Borg species. Is not our big free government giveaway of benefits to illegals forcing us to service them? After all, it is our tax dollars paying for all that stuff and benefits they’re getting. We have been forced to pay. I can hear Erick saying, you will be forced to care.

They can just brazenly walk right into our national house and rather instantly started receiving a boatload of freebies and they know that. Our destructive progressive POTUS and federal government oligarchy who rules by fiat rather than by law, has flung that door wide open to all who want to come in, and that includes drug dealers, murderers, terrorists, rapists, etc. We are being forced to train the foreigners who will take our jobs at lower pay.

We are being assimilated.

But perhaps worse than that is the original sin of our POTUS and his federal elites, that is, they have been assimilating us for some time now, injecting us with their rule by fiat, forcing us to pay for the monstrosities of abortion and Planned Parenthood, forcing us to bake cakes for homosexuals or lose our businesses and be heavily fined. Yes, I know some of the first seedlings of these malignant cancers were in place before BHO became the president. But he has exponentially proliferated the fuller development of these things at light speed. No other administration in the history of this nation has “moved forward” towards total assimilation of this nation’s citizenry like Barack Hussein Obama and his whole inner circle of Borg, excuse me, I meant thugs, crooks and criminals. Is it no wonder they want to take our guns away? He is the chief Borg today and in his proud arrogance, he is gloating over all the control he has taken away from the people of this nation. He has been assimilating us.

But there is one stand-out person here of late who made it clear that she would not be assimilated and made one with the unit of evil, corruption and perversion. That would be Kim Davis. We need a million more like her. That is what separates a couple of candidates like [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ] and Bobby Jindal from the rest of the pack.

Friends, think about being assimilated in the framework of that episode years ago. If you think really hard about all this, it will strike you how utterly humiliating this really is to us individually and collectively as a nation and hopefully make you more righteously angry than ever.

Yes, we are being assimilated!

Sooner or later, sooner without drastic change, you will hear these words loud and clear from the megaphone of the government of the once United States of America:


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