Who is Going to Pay for All This?

I am listening to everybody running on our side of the fence. Carefully. To the jot and minute tittle.

I favor [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ] and Bobby Jindal and don’t give a hoot about the rest, at least for now. But when it comes down to the wire as things may very well change and alter the present political horizon, I think I shouldn’t lock out or dismiss anybody, the exception being John Kasich who I have turned against and dismissed after he blatantly insulted many of us with his obnoxious statement accusing us of concentrating too much on abortion. O heck, what’s a split face and skull of a slaughtered innocent here or there?! Geez, what an insensitive loser! I would vote for Trump or Carly in a heartbeat before him…Sorry, I got off track there for a split-second.

Anyway, I propose an age old question. This is not a new question. But it is a question and topic to which I still do not find any viable solutions being proffered.

Each says they are going to do this and going to do that. A few truly have good intentions. But I still have not heard any viable, fiscal, down-to-earth-mathematical proposals as to how they are going to pay for their platforms. Did I miss some good presentations somewhere? I mean, come on people, we are over $18T in debt and headed much higher. That’s not counting any more possible disasters, wars, multiplied expenses to social programs to cover all the freebies our POTUS and his happy-go-lucky-immigrant-welcoming-crew on the left is forcing us to pay for in their grand, generous redistribution agenda. And are there more than 100 people in this nation who understand the serious sucking vortex that the present student debt load is? Not to mention that our military, worn out as it is, is falling behind Russia and China, and that the VA nightmare probably is actually just picking up steam to become more of a nightmare than anything imagined so far. And…and…and…

Who in today’s political climate could actually survive his or her candidacy if they really proposed some serious, deep budget cutting and drastic measures to deal with the horrible burden of these pressing issues, issues that would not be issues to begin with without years of insane spending, madness of unchecked policies and just downright corruption from the highest to the lowest levels? Who would not make enemies very quickly by doing so? Like Erick, I have Louisiana history. I voted for Bobby Jindal for governor when I was living there. Bobby got in there and did what he promised to do and cut the state’s spending. But he made enemies. That’s the untold story. I believe Erick posted a very good article about this very subject not too long ago and I know what he stated was true.

So who can survive THAT litmus test on the national political stage?

Can we get just one or two of our candidates to say it like it is, damned be the torpedoes, and run with that?

It surely would be a most severe test for voters. But if there are more users and takers than there are givers and honest, hard-working taxpayers, we are lost. I fear, if the amnesty thing gets to run its course and this administration and all of its criminal sectors have their way in getting the next few million illegals as voters, our vote may be meaningless in 2016. Don’t take that sentiment lightly. It is very possible. Some say probable. The other side is working intensely to get that equation done in their favor. It is cheating. But is that anything new for the corruption of the liberal progressives?

I’m just an old fashion numbers kind of guy who still believes that 1+1=2 and so forth and so on. To me, there’s still 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and numbers that turn red when you spend more than you take in. Call me a simpleton, but these things have worked well for a long time of mortality’s history.




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