Kim Davis: The Most Critical First Issue

There have been a lot of opinions about the Kim Davis affair in Kentucky.

I will try to break this down to one, single, simple issue.

We think the first and main issue is our own rights here in America.

Not so. Not even close.

Kim Davis took the position of a certain 3 men who were friends of Daniel, the Old Testament prophet.

You ask, how’s that?


We hear this mantra over and over again, “It’s the law of the land.”

That is what that wicked King Nebuchadnezzar once declared. He commanded all the peoples of the land to bow down to the image he had built, a great and tall image of human, mortal glory.

But 3 men refused to bow down to that “law of the land.” So they were cast into a fiery furnace that was heated 7 times hotter.

But in the midst of that hellish fire, there was a fourth Man like unto the Son of God. And they were preserved and brought out of the fire.

You see, Kim Davis did not recognize or give heed to the so-called law of the land supposedly established by the SCOTUS. No, she understood that the SCOTUS cannot make the law of the land in the first place, but recognized the higher Law of God Who is the final Statement of Truth, Morality and Holy Life. She understood that our Constitution does not allow the SCOTUS to make law in itself.

Some say she should have resigned her position. No! They are all wrong. We either stand for our God’s higher Truth and Wisdom of all Moral Precepts or we fall into the slime of Hell and Tyranny’s dictates.

She was right. Every opposing voice was wrong. Just like in the days of Daniel and his 3 faithful friends who were willing to bear the pain and death in the fire if necessary.

It boils down to this one single, universal issue:

Who and what is to be worshiped!

If you choose to obey any law of the land that contradicts the higher law of God and righteous moral precepts, then you worship that law and yourself.

If you suffer the price of rejecting tyranny and choose to obey the Laws of God, then you worship the Lord your God over and above all.

Thus Kim Davis did.

Enough said.


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