The Civility and Courtesy of RedState

This is going to be short and sweet.

I write as a newbie on RedState. Just started the other day. The warm welcome by some on here is so refreshing and encouraging to continue to contribute to the conversation.

I have been absolutely thrilled and pleased at the civility, courtesy, warmth and respect among the writers and commentors on Redstate. This is such a change from the often bitter, negative, almost hateful, vitriolic comments I read on other sites, even sites most of us conservatives visit daily. I won’t mention site names because that would not be respectful or good protocol here. Personally, I cannot bring myself to call my opposition names or to use inappropriate, disrespectful language. Better to walk away than let your emotional impact get the best of you. It’s called taking a breath. Other sites would be far more inviting if they would encourage and allow less emotional trash-talking and name calling.

Commentors here are polite to a point, even when they disagree. I love it. I can write on here, comment on here…and ahhh…relax a little and not be so tightly wound up like I get when reading comments on most other political blogs. I hate to comment on a majority of most conservative sites because so many times there is going to be an outburst against your comment and courtesy flies out the door light-speed. There is only one other site comparable to this one. And I would take these two over all the rest combined. By hey, that’s just my own opinion.

Thank you Erick and staff for making this site user and writer friendly. I only hope you can keep it this way.

Shalom to all and have an awesome weekend!

Angelle Staria


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