1 + 1 = 2 Inflammatory, Insulting Punches in the Face

Okay, I have just had it!

RedState, may I have your permission to…hmm…here goes…


Ahhh…….I needed to do that, thank you.

Seriously people, we have the POTUS insulting the Pope before he even gets here. Then immediately following that perverted, sick travesty, we have the POTUS choosing Eric Fanning to be the Secretary of the Army, a man who will be the first openly gay secretary. I could react in all the usual ways and say what in the Sam Hill?! But I won’t, because I understand this carefully crafted and dark, skillful agenda and lying, protective force field this administration has built around itself to shield itself from rule of law, the Constitution, established moral precepts, and yes, millions of American citizens who he cares absolutely nothing about. Erick has written several good articles here on RedState about being made to care. This is coming home to a religion and an army near you, friends. I sense cold-hearted bitterness, hate and spite wrapped up in a mantle of obnoxious arrogance in these two latest thrusts of perversion thrown in our faces. I am not Catholic, but I understand the power of insult this is to a very large community of religious people.

None this is new to me. I’ve been around this block for a few decades and have painfully watched this trend exponentially proliferate itself with the helping hands and hearts of evil, unredeemed, hateful elements of the mortal race, elements that quite frankly are just plain sin and wickedness inspired from that first heart of Hell’s pride and rebellion against all that is God, Heaven, Love, true Christianity (not lip-professing Christianity), and yes, Israel. I have been speaking out against and writing about the coming multiplication of sexual perversions and deviant degradation of body and soul as the seeds of it were being sown way back when. I am only one modern voice expressing outrage and righteous, spiritual anger. Heck, long before any of us were even a thought of life in the womb, we have the prophets and apostles who saw all this coming near the end of the age. Jesus said, the love of many would grow cold. Now I ask you, does that statement not utterly provide an answer as to the why and reason of the proliferation of the evil cruelties humans do to humans, even children and the innocent unborn today? Paul wrote that men would become lovers of themselves. If you want a frightening scriptural description of an exact, accurate prophecy of the state of our day, read 2 Timothy 3:1-5. I am not a Bible thumper by any means, but I do believe the absolute, inspired Word of God as I see it being accurately fulfilled more and more to every jot and tittle written so many years ago about our modern time.  I have shared the term “Pandora’s Box” many times over the past few decades. Nothing new under the sun for sure, only more of it that is now overtly and obnoxiously being forced down our throats and forced as a “lien” against our finances, that is, our tax dollars that support these evil bastions of murder and lewd, sick perversions. Yes, Erick, you were and are correct: FORCED. TO. CARE!

I am not going to detail it here, but 40 years ago I had a very unusual experience with the Lord out on a terrace in open afternoon sunlight. It was to become the day I would gain the beginning of a great, spiritual and heavenly understanding far beyond my own at that time, a precious wisdom that has carried me all through these last 40 years and has helped to keep me going and living  whenever death was knocking on my door trying to take me away before my time. I understand the number 40 as being a time of testing and probation. An example: Israel’s wandering in the wilderness for 40 years after refusing to exercise the faith to go in and take the land of Canaan. Israel’s first king, King Saul, reigned for 40 years in failure because God rejected him for not obeying Samuel’s instructions when he went to war. The Lord was angry because Israel asked for a king to be like unto the nations. Their request was a rejection of God and His faithful prophet, Samuel. God did not want Israel to be like unto the nations just like He does not want us Christians to be like unto this world system and society of idolatry, self-worship and carnal wisdom. We are to be a peculiar people, a holy priesthood unto and for our God and Messiah, Jesus Christ, to be a witness and testimony of His great truth, power, love, wisdom and justice in our individual hearts and lives before the people among whom we live and have our being.

I look back to that awesome life-changing hour that sunny afternoon and think to myself, 40 years, 40 YEARS! the Lord has waited to see if America would repent. Instead, she has doubled down in her sins of perversions, corruption, rebellion against the rule of law, marriage and proper protocols of generally accepted behavior and natural physical laws. So now, I am absolutely afraid for our nation. If we push God so far, it may not matter who we vote in next election, conservative or not. Remember the day Babylon’s King Belshazzar saw the handwriting on the wall, that day they were celebrating the gods of gold and silver, that day Daniel read those words that said, you have been found wanting and the days of your kingdom are number. That very night, King Darius entered in through the aqueduct and slew Belshazzar and took over the kingdom. Indeed, our God can be pushed by our idolatry and sexual perversions and murder to a point of collapsing a nation instantly. Did He not speak through Jeremiah and say…If I choose to pluck up a nation at once…? We have already crossed so many lines I quit counting. I believe God waited to see what the SCOTUS would do concerning gay marriage. He now has His answer. O yes, I know that to God all His works are known to Him from the beginning. He already knew. But He waits on our account to see and take note of our decisions for good and for evil. Henceforth, the SCOTUS has  not only opened Pandora’s Box, it has ripped the cover clean off the box. People look at you like you are insanely mad when you try to explain to them that marriage between 2 men and 3 women, or 1 woman and a young boy, or 1 man, 2 women and their pets, etc, etc, etc. is next. As it is, bestiality is far more common in this nation that most would want to even think about.  But people like me were called mad and insane 40 years ago when we said what we did about basic homosexuality and what we said about how much more sex there would be on television and in the movies over the coming years. This was long before there was Rush, Sean, Mark Levin and others of today’s talk radio circuits.

I’ve not yet written a piece about my take on the debate or candidates. Right now, I fear the Lord too much and sense that this is the most critical thing I need to concentrate my pieces on. There are plenty of other great, knowledgeable, well-informed writers on here who I will leave the other subject to, at least for now. I may yet weigh in later.

So here we, ever closer to the edge of that chasm leading straight down into that giant, sucking vortex to Hell. I once posted an animated image on MySpace of this huge crater-sized vortex with people blindly walking and streaming straight to and down into it. If a young child and convert of the Kingdom of Heaven were to ask me as a parent, are we there yet? I would have to answer and say, yes, my son, unfortunately we are there.


Shalom and blessings always and forever,

Angelle Staria


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