The Great Quandary of Immigration: Anger or Sorrow?


This piece is long. I would apologize for that, but I knew when I started writing this I would have to write my whole heart or write none of it.

My friends and readers here on RedState, I am in a great quandary about the issue of immigration!! I am torn to pieces between anger and sorrow as I view the evil elements sneaking in, while at the same time, watching the heartbreaking struggle of some who are actually and desperately fleeing death, evil, torture and pain. And I find very little real, practical substance of solutions concerning this issue in all political talk and debates. I wonder why…

Readers and wise voices here at RedState, I beg you for your wisdom and truth, love and justice in this matter. I have an open heart and open ears…help me, talk to me and throw your bare, honest, truest thoughts from the deepest realms of your hearts and thinking minds at me. Tell me, yes, I even warmly encourage you to correct me if I am wrong in my anguish over this matter, a greatest and most critical matter facing this nation and a thing that can forever change the destiny, shape and demographics of the United States of America overnight. Yes, even by the 2016 elections!

I confess, I am just one more average individual who attempts to pay very close attention to all the right and wrong causes and issues that trouble our nation and this whole world today. I sleep little these days. Some of these issues have affected me painfully, severely and drastically over the years. So I am not immune to the negative effects of them.

I am one who does not lightly dismiss the aberrations of our law and government this day that seem to be, by design, bent on destroying our nation at light speed, a thing that I have witnessed that is exponentially proliferating the degradation and breaking down of all known rule of law as we once understood it. I studied and observed the first seeds of all this decades ago. So none of this catches me by surprise. But I am still astonished at the light-speed and proliferation of such things that have manifest themselves overtly and brazenly during the tenure of this present administration.

While I shake my head, I ask you, what am I missing?

Is there something I am so stupid about that I cannot see or discern to be the value of what I have always considered to be the very basic rule of law and order of the day and time as our great Constitution and Bill of Rights were written for and declared? O! not to mention that greater and higher, spiritual order of our great God and all the whole law and testimony as presented and written by the prophets and apostles of thousands of years of powerful words, words which many of the forefathers of our nation knew and understood to be the very basic foundation of all law and principles of justice and common sense thinking. It seems to many in our nation today, that doesn’t even count for anything anymore. Isaiah once wrote, “To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.” And how great is that darkness of this day’s, even this nation’s rebellion against all good and just law and faithful testimony established for millennia! I also remember these words also Isaiah. I believe there is this prophecy about how darkness shall cover the Earth and gross darkness would cover the people…a line of chorus we hear every year during the presentation of Handel’s Messiah.

Am I just some dumb, silly peasant ass wildly wandering about in a field of despair and futility sniffing in the wind, hoping in vain for reason, truth, faith and faithfulness to actually be possible again?

Please, help me! Tell me I am such a one if there is any kind of real evidence to prove me so.

But if one can, please encourage me with some little, absolute, indisputable, irrefutable proof and viable explanation as to why I am such a foolish soul of a delusion that would be silly and vain to hope for our nation to follow simple, basic rule of law and the established elementary elements of our Constitution…and even more so, to follow that higher Law of godly precepts established in the beginning of the whole Creation that was the First Foundation of our Constitution and Rule of Law. Did I miss something in my review of ancient and not so recent history?! Or do I correctly remember something the Spirit of God spoke through Hosea’s mouth when the Lord said of ancient, idolatrous Israel…Ephraim is like a silly, senseless dove…and also in Hosea, where the Lord warned them about rejecting His knowledge, so He would reject them. And THAT! my friends, yes, that scares the hell out of me for our nation. So maybe I and other faithful, reasoning people who love God, who love unadulterated truth and godly knowledge and who love the order of good basic, unchangeable law, yes, just perhaps we are not the silly ones although the bastard movement of the liberal progressives and today’s oligarchy of insanity and delusion casts us off as such.

I know that I am not the only voice on here and elsewhere that is absolutely beside myself over these matters, being one more simple voice crying in the wilderness of this day’s madness and insanity of mental and physical degradation and perversions unnumbered. I, with you, are of voices who can hardly contain our anger, our utter anguish and agony over all the evils of our day and the sudden, rather instant tearing down of our nation under this present administration of evil intent who is skillfully breaking and ripping to pieces a nation, that despite our mistakes, has done much good in this world for the sake of the freedom and liberty of countless souls suffering the hideous, murderous, tormenting oppression of communism, facism and tyranny! And don’t even get me started on the massive slaughter of the innocent unborn, a thing I have cried about and anguished over for 42 years! Sometimes I just want to die, go on home and not live on this planet anymore! It would be easier than bearing the horrors of what humans do to humans! But some of us must stand and sacrifice our lives if we must to plant that First Flag of Glory in its rightful place and Domain, kind of like a spiritual Iwo Jima!

If we were to be accurate and truthful mathematicians and write the equation of undoctored proportions of what this nation, in its past, compared to its mistakes, has done for the good of this whole world…it would shame the liberal progressive movement and its lying agenda to the lowest bowels of hell and expose it for what it truly is…a LIE! THE. GREAT. LIE. OF. OUR. DAY.

My readers, I do not know you personally.
You do not know me personally.
We may never meet.

But I must say here:

I painfully understand more than just one little side bar or two about hate, insane extremism, tyranny and that state of the all intrusive, all-controlling governmental mind and power that seeks to destroy and wreck every good and true and faithful, godly thing of righteous conscience and true, moral rule of law we attempt to live by in so-called freedom. To be fair, I realize some who will read this have not had to travel that road of evil I have traveled for so many years. I know all too well, that evil and oppressive and enslaving power of propagandist government like few here in America could ever begin to imagine living under. That insidious, evil force has worked to destroy everything I hold in my humble, simple faith before my God and obliterate everything of my very breath, hope and life on this earth. It has been like a hard-metal acid rock song of Hell’s loudest, most obnoxious noise against everything I have held precious and dear. I have personally lived it, bodily, spiritually and the loss of dearest elements of the lives of those most precious and closest to me who have suffered and even perished under its evil, its terror, its craving lust to control every living breath and piece of mortality in all of the whole of God’s green and most beautiful Earth under the Sun/Son. I am shocked at myself for even coming this close to baring my heart considering the years and years of terrible nightmares. But nevertheless, it is what drives my passion to speak, share and write what I do, even here today on RedState.

America, you have this terror and evil black cloud rapidly coming to a neighborhood near you. It is like that Great Nothing that was swallowing up all life and would have, had it not been for one last little, tiny light of hope and faith in that movie, THE NEVER-ENDING STORY.

O! you my fellow Americans, my brothers and sisters of conservative thought, hope, desire and faith, tonight I share with you my intimate heart’s painful and deepest anguish in this diary, hoping to encourage you to lift your eyes, your hearts, your souls, your thoughts higher and up to that greater Power, our God and His Rock of Salvation Who is above all of our own mortal, fleshly desires and selfish wants in our lives here upon this Earth of our God’s designed, Eternal Love and Glory, to give our hearts, minds, souls, spirits and bodies to things so far above our highest thoughts…as our God spoke through the voice of that great prophet Isaiah, that great Old Testament saint…saying…”My thoughts are higher than your thoughts as the Heavens are above the Earth!”

I cry out, pray like the Psalmist and say, O my God in Heaven above us all, how long, O Lord, how long?…when…when?!!! will we once again get one little glimpse of that First Greatest Power that, and Who, was so freely offered to us, to help us, to lift us up above all these evil, insidious, lying, deceptive, corrupting devices of our enemies and of our destroying, anti-Christ, anti-Semitic federal government and all the lying, murderous factions, agendas and bold and daring elements therein its evil intent against Your true and righteous people and a very good, inspired rule of law that was originally established by the forefathers of this nation of the United States of America? And when, O Lord our God, will You begin to show Yourself and Your great Name of infinite, almighty power against these wicked, threatening, hateful enemies of Israel, Your little, tiny nation who is struggling this very day to survive the onslaught of the greatest hatred of the world against it since the days of Adolf Hitler and Germany in the 1930s and 1940s? And by the way, O God, do You see how our POTUS and government has pricked You in Your Eye with its middle finger and has betrayed our greatest ally and that of your first, established nation of Holy Covenant Law, Israel, a nation You powerfully established by appearing to one 80 year old man of mortal dust, Moses, to send him to a nation You destroyed to free from Your people from slavery? Lord, are not your people today being sold into slavery, even being forced to pay for and finance wicked perversions, murder and the likes through their tax dollars?!
I am just one more of you here on RedState who cries out to my God day by day, night by night. Yes, I am one of those like some of you on here who attempts to faithfully stand in my watchtower everyday and who tries to quietly listen, hear, and in the meantime, dismiss all the junk of lying, deceiving media trash and all the worthless, empty speeches of mortal flesh and their finite breath of spewing foolishness that amounts to nothing. And I try to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit of our God Who is above us all, Who only can direct us and give to us and our nation that necessary and greatest, unchanging, heavenly wisdom and saving grace that we so desperately need to deal with all these great and terrible, proliferating issues that are far beyond our own human, mortal, carnal wisdom to get solutions about.

We need the wisdom of a King Solomon today! And perhaps, yes, I will say, we absolutely need that Wisdom of a greater than Solomon as Jesus Christ presented Himself in the New Testament. Without this wisdom, we have no hope. We are lost. No matter who we elect as POTUS, no matter who controls Congress, the Senate, the Supreme Court…all is lost without a wisdom greater than our own mortal conflicts of self-appointed wisdom and our own estimation of ourselves and our own interpretations of what is true and righteous law and ordinances of life. Our economics will not matter one bit to our God if we prosper but yet fail morally and spiritually. Prosperity without spiritual righteousness and good law and truth and godly wisdom will only lead us further into the bowels of an all consuming vortex of death that we are rapidly approaching.


Back to the original premise of my immigration quandary. I know. I wandered a little here and there, but hey, it was necessary. Pardon me, please.

There are so many immigrants coming into Western nations who are hidden elements of terrorism, drug cartels, evil, ISIS and other numerous wicked proponents of all things bad this day wanting to come in and destroy our nation and the whole West. It is estimated by some that 2 out of 100 Syrian immigrants are members of ISIS. I personally believe that number is higher. Not to mention ISIS members coming in under the banner of other nationalities! O heck, what is few hundred Islamic Jihadists here or there, right?! So out of the 100,000 Syrians our POTUS wants to let in, let’s say only 2 out of 100 are Islamic Jihadists. Okay, that’s only 2000! What could 2000 Jihadists possibly do to harm up?! {Rhetorical question, of course}

But on the other hand, I see certain heart-breaking things that tell me and that cry out to me, even prove to me that there are truly those fewer, absolutely desperate souls struggling to flee death, torture, loss of life and wicked violence. What are we to do with them and what are we to think about these few? Do we just harden our hearts and turn away from them and tell them, to hell with you?! Go back to the terrible death you fled from? What would our Lord and God, even Jesus Himself, do about these? Would He turn then away? Would He say, go back to where you came from? Or would He exercise His great spiritual, holy discerning of the difference between the truth and the lie, the presentation of need and the presentation of deception wanting to come in like a Trojan Horse? He proved Himself well able to manifest the truth, that is, to differentiate between the evil and the good, the holy and the profane, to tell the difference between them and the other more evil insurgents, so that He would know who to let in and who to reject. So it is, that if we could have just a little of His Holy Spirit, we could exercise that same wisdom and make good choices about who to accept in our borders. I say, even proclaim and strongly state, that this is where our modern day church and many so-called lip-professing Christians today have failed. The modern church is consumed with sports idolatry, the Kardashians, Dancing with the Stars, selfie worship and all the cultural junk, gibberish, nakedness, erotic sensuality and wasteland of our day…and yes, with its own monetary-seeking agenda and desire to be politically correct and found in favor of the powers of the day, so that now the church at large is powerless to be what it was first established to be 2000 years ago and to be able to discern between the holy and the profane, between good and evil, between the Truth and the Lie. The church today, pretty much all of it, can hardly even discern what is that good and righteous marriage principle between man and woman, or the sanctity of the life of the unborn innocents in the womb anymore! O my God! What a terrible, despicable condition of a failed estate of national existence we have come to! My God, what is next? I think I know the answer, but I will leave it to your imagination! I think perhaps another cat-o-nine-tails driving out the money-changers in the temple today would do just fine!

I openly and humbly confess. I do not have the wisdom to know what to do in this great and terrible, awesome matter of this world’s evil. But this I do know. Our God does have answers. So who of us will stand up and be willing to take a beating, be persecuted and suffer whatever it is that we must suffer and go through to get those answers from His very Central Heart of Heaven’s First Great Wisdom, Love, Mercy, and yes, Justice and Just Judgment, against the evil of our day?

Can anybody offer me anything better?
Please, if you can, tell me.
If you have better wisdom than mine, I will listen to your voice.
I am not above any of you who read RedState or any other online site.
I am not above being corrected or advised.
So I will be listening for any voice of wisdom better and more complete than my own.
I am very familiar with Psalm 141:5

I am weeping before my God tonight as I write this while listening to a piece of music sung by Michael W.Smith, a man who fell in sin, but who came to have faith in God to restore him from his sin. That great King David of the Old Testament knew that same sin and worse. The name of Michael’s song is: LORD HAVE MERCY. I have come to know just a little thing or two about our God’s mercy and grace and love that He so abundantly sheds as a great, covering grace upon and all around those He loves and knows who seek Him first and foremost above all things. My God has led me through great and terrible, terrifying, horrific darkness, torture, pain and incomprehensible nightmares; no, I am not speaking of sin, but rather, I am speaking of a great and hellish path my God has purposely and steadfastly led me through in this howling wilderness of life in order to understand and appreciate higher things than myself, great and drastic, terrifying issues we face this day. There have been those days and long, painful nights in which I cursed the day of my birth, just like Job, just like Jeremiah, because the pain of those times was more than I could felt I could bear at the time. So I thought. But today, I am beginning to get a little light about all this great and terrible, long, dark but necessary night…that is was not all about me! It is written that weeping endureth the night, but joy comes in the morning. So it is in such that I hope and have a faith that will not be denied. No, it was about being trained and taught greater things of wisdom, mercy, love, justice and the heavenly truth of a wisdom I once had no idea about, so that I could, in the coming, troubling days, be a source and beacon of light and help and encouragement of wisdom, love and mercy to reach out to those who will be crying out in this dreadful, terrifying coming storm, hoping somebody will throw them a life-preserver when it all collapses due the foolishness and sins of a government and nation and nations gone rogue.

I am ending my piece to a piece of music called PANDEMIC by REALLY SLOW MOTION. You can check it out on YouTube. I wished I could have posted these 2 pieces music here with my Diary. My normal custom of writing is to post a piece of music from YouTube along with my work. I don’t think I can do that here, but you can go to YouTube and bring up these 2 songs, minimize and read while you listen.

I leave you friends with these words and hope that you will get something of this precious, life-giving power in your very deepest heart, soul and spirit of understanding, to know, that the ultimate solution to our nation’s problems and sins and foolishness, is not in our own power and hand to produce and make our own way of salvation to save ourselves. No! It is in the hand of our God Who Only can show His great, loving forgiveness, grace and mercy to us and help us to gain new spiritual eyesight to see the light of that great path of glory and truth before our feet as we walk this way that beckons us. But today, He waits for us to turn to Him. If we don’t, this experiment of a nation is over, and it is going to be over more quickly than many perceive.

Yours truly,
Shalom always and forever, Angelle Staria

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