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I registered with RedState today to begin writing my personal take, convictions and thoughts in a new diary here on this conservative site, a site I have come to respect and take note of, mostly because its webmaster, Erick Erickson, speaks to and addresses the most critical issues I am concerned with in a manner of my own convictions. I consider him a brother in arms in that greatest, most significant battle between good and evil, between righteous, faithful precepts as over against that perverse, rebellious, proud and arrogantly designed stem root of deeply, insidiously, inlaid wicked agendas whose whole heart is to control all living flesh upon the Earth.

I am simply one more of a thousand voices in this once great nation of the United States of America, a nation whose destiny I believe was, and still is, ordered by that awesome, Eternal, Greater and Higher Divine guidance of our Lord and God Who oversees all things of life, liberty, grace, loving-kindness, mercy and balanced justice, all of which unrevised history teaches me has been greatly manifest for the sake of this nation so richly blessed for centuries in God’s great and beautiful Earth from beginning to end. Who in their sane thinking mind with any kind of true knowledge of accurate history could deny the blessing and good that God and Heaven has accomplished in, by and through this nation over the years of its history? What would world history look like today had there been no United States of America to pull itself up by its bootstraps and in the strength of God and conviction, go to war against Nazi Germany and Imperialist Japan in those days of darkness and that madness of horrifying tyranny decades ago?

O! yes, I am familiar with all the written presentations over the years about deception and hidden lies and so forth leading up to the bombing of Pearl Harbor. But yet, still, who of any true wisdom and student of accurate history, can deny that God and Heaven’s Providence of perfect knowledge and wisdom, ordered events to get this nation up and going to go to war against evil powers and tyranny who craved and lusted to conquer the whole world and enslave it to their dictates and corrupt, imperialistic and warped ideologies? The Holy Scripture teaches us that God raises kings up and sets others down. It teaches us that all the nations of the Earth are but a drop in the bucket and that Lebanon is not sufficient to burn! In light of this great manifest from our God to us, I fear and tremble! Yes indeed I do! Because I think, who am I to try and question the ways of the Lord? I am just one little speck of mortal breath in this whole great panorama of life from beginning to end. Job learned a thing or two about that, did he not? A fresh reading of Daniel 4:35 is a stark reminder to little, insignificant breaths of mortality who would dare to question that greater, higher Wisdom. King Nebuchadnezzar, a proud and boastful king learned this great and painful lesson the hard way after refusing to listen to Daniel’s wise warning to him. So after being humbled and made to dwell like a beast feeding on grass for 7 years he had this to say:

“All the inhabitants of the Earth are reputed as nothing. He does according to His will in the army of Heaven and among the inhabitants of the Earth. No one can restrain His hand or say to Him, “What have You done?”

Yes, I admit, our nation has made its mistakes and has stumbled in missteps as all nations have, even as ancient Israel did. But yet somehow, in that very complicated, not so simplified mix of the Providence of God and Heaven’s Will so long ago determined by that First Great Estate of our Creator to be established upon and in the Earth, America became a design of what I and many others believe was intended to be a modern day light to lost nations and peoples of this present world system being sucked down into that great, swirling vortex of death, violence, corruption and sexual perversions unnumbered. Not only that, up until recently, we have been a faithful and powerful ally of Israel, that most significant, tiny nation that still is in the long-range of prophecy written by the Spirit of God by the prophets of both Old and New Testaments, so that yet, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will, in His providential time and perfect schedule, prove His Covenant with Abraham…remembering those words to him, “I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curse you.” Though the spiritual leader of Iran says that Tehran is twice blessed by Allah, the God of Abraham would beg to differ. And yet today, I fear for our own nation because of the position our POTUS and administration and so many in that inner circle of progressive liberals have taken against Israel. This cannot and will not stand! And me thinks the Lord our God sent a little warning message to Mecca the other day. Hmm…

I am just one more of you here in RedState’s community who is not so concerned about being politically correct, which in truth, is political tyranny and nothing less than slavery and governmental bullying, than I am of that first, greatest desire and longing for pure basic truth, righteous and holy principles of that most perfect and spiritual matter of the heart and deepest spirit of our God’s greatest grace and mercy sacrificed that was so freely given to us long ago and passed down to us by our forefathers’ immeasurable travailing and suffering of hearts, souls and spirits of great faith. This and this only can be the basis of our nation’s future. Without it, there is nothing but blackness ahead in our national path. One can preach the gospel of a thousand great principles of good economics, natural law and good stewardship of the land, but all that is worthless unless we act upon something greater and higher than ourselves, our self-gratifying and self satisfying desires that can only lead to the implosion of our national and personal estates of life. I write this statement here because it must be the basis and the foundation of everything else I will post in new diaries. Any other basis nullifies my purpose here and anywhere else.

There are unnumbered things I would like to say and squeeze in my first diary. But for tonight, all I desire to express here is an introduction of one more heart’s longing for righteous principles of real, basic truth and the rule of law, not only of our nation, but of that far greater Rule of God and Heaven’s Higher Law , that Perfect Law that is higher than the foolishness of our nation’s Supreme Court and governing bodies of all three branches of late. The rule of law in our nation is meaningless and made of none effect unless it is founded upon that Higher Rule of Law, that First and Great Everlasting Principle and Axiom of the Eternal Light of Life, the Truth, Wisdom and Perfect Knowledge of God and Jesus Christ that is far beyond carnal and sinful humanity’s ever changing, ever shifting positions that have no established foundation because they are not founded upon that First Rock of our God, Jesus Christ, and His Law, a Law He once spoke about and said, “Heaven and Earth will pass away, but not one jot or tittle of My Word will pass away.”

King David once wrote, “Lord, lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.” So for myself and my truest friends who seek truth and the holy, narrow path, I say Yea and Amen!

My friends here at RedState, I invited you to think upon these things. I know that some of you already have. That is why I registered to write diaries here on this site. There is a community of a general unity of thought that must be nourished and encouraged. So it is for this reason I have joined you today.

Shalom always and forever,
Angelle Staria

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