Was The SC Democrat Primary a Test Run for Massive November Voter Fraud?

An article in FoxNews.com exposes the potential for massive voter fraud using electronic voting machines.  Were the ES&S electronic voting machines in South Carolina tampered with?  How is it possible that a total unknown like Alvin Greene, who ran no campaign and is facing a felony conviction, was able to win over the official Democrat Party nominee by 59% of the vote?  That is a virtual landslide.  Mr. Greene won 11% more of the absentee votes than standard votes, which is highly unusual and suspicious.  This is similar to how Al Franken stole the Senate seat away from Norm Coleman in Minnesota. 

Was this a test to see if the November elections can be stolen en mass?  Republican Jim DeMint is a virtual lock to gain re-election.  Democrat operatives would have little to lose in testing a voter fraud scheme on this primary election, in preparation for the big one in November.

OK, it sounds like a conspiracy theory, but something very bizarre has happened here.  And we know how devious Democrats get when they are desperate.  We need to solve this mystery.