Why I'm Still Skeptical of the Republican Party

Aside from Pennsylvania, the two Senate races I was most interested in were Nevada and Delaware.  I wanted to see Christine O’Donnell tighten the gap to make it competitive, and I was sure that Harry Reid would be fired.  instead, O’Donnell lost by nearly 20 points to a fool with no real understanding of the Constitution, and I’m still left wondering what underhanded tactics Harry Reid used to escape with his job intact.

The losses incurred by O’Donnell, Angle, and quite possibly Joe Miller have me pretty upset.  This didn’t have to happen.  And while I will admit that all three candidates have faults (they’re human beings, after all) I’m even more upset that the Republican party abandoned them.  I’ve been contemplating leaving the party to register as an independent for a few months, and I’m closer to doing so now even after the victory last night.

All three candidates were attacked primarily on character, not on the issues, with little to no defense from the Republican leadership.  While Joe Miller was the Republican nominee, the GOP leadership allowed Murkowski to smear him mainly on character instead of his stance on the issues.  Maybe a deal was in place where Murkowski said she’ll caucus with the Republicans and they decided to hedge their bets and pretty much leave the race alone.  And I know the issues about the computers, but Miller could give the beltway boys and girls a serious lesson in the Constitution and states’ rights.  The only prominent figure that went out on a limb for Joe Miller was Sarah Palin, and whether or not Karl Rove thinks she has “gravitas” or not, she showed she was the only one with the rocks to stand up for him.

As disgusting as with what happened with Miller, the GOP further aggrivated the hell out of me by not standing up for Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell.  True, I was wondering how Angle was lagging in the polls a couple of months ago, but after I saw her appearances on national TV and heard her on Mark Levin’s radio show I became a believer,  I was excoriated for my comments toward her campaign, and rightly so.  Who did the Republicans send to campaign for her?  Why be so squeamish by us common “Tea Party” folk?  And what they did to O’Donnell was the worst by far.  No help, no nothing.  They just let her dangle in the wind with no real support, and allowed the media to portray her as an airhead without as much as an apology.

I’ve beeen a loyal Republican for many years, and while it was a blast watching the House flip the way it did and see Senate seats fall our way was cool, I still have a bitter taste in my mouth with how these three races were handled.  We just let three good candidates lose winnable races all in the name of making sure they stay with the establishment.

O’Donnell mentioned “Republican cannibalism” in an interview today.  She’s right.  When she defeated Castle in the primary, she never even got an endorsement, and when how bad she was getting screwed over was mentioned on Rush Limbaugh’s show, I think she got a million dollars in donations….in one day.  For the GOP to take power/maintain power, they need us more than we need them.  And they should be kissing the Tea Party’s rears for the victories last night.

So while the Republican party is celebrating, I hope they know that there are more people out there like me that are still pretty pissed about how they managed to screw things up in the Senate races.  It’s time for new leadership in the party, and if they still insist on trying to kill off conservative voices in the party, then it’s time for a hostile takeover.  Instead of being grateful to the Tea Party, they screwed the movement over and are looking for the next country-club Republicans to carry their banner.