Dear Mike Castle and GOP Establishment: Go Fly a Kite

Earlier today, I heard reports that the NRSC would not be supporting Christine O’Donnell.  Those reports now seem false, and I’m glad that there is now support being shown for her by Washington Republicans not named Jim DeMintt.

On another note, I have a message for Mike Castle and the rest of any other Washington Republicans and establishment types thumbing their noses at the likes of Joe Miller and O’Donnell.  Well, the real message is not RedState appropriate, so the nicer one is to go fly a kite.

For far too many elections, you have tried to silence us.  We’ve been expected to tone down our rhetoric about those pesky social issues, be nice to a President who has no interest in bipartisanship, stop thinking that people care about spending, and to shut up about the border because we need to get the Hispanic vote.  After all of this, conservatives are expected to lick their wounds after defeat, show unity, endorse the primary winner, and be the “party guy” or the “team player” with no or very little reciprocation.

I’ve had it with you and your kind; your actions by firs trying to drag her name through a septic tank and now acting like a little child who is picking up their toys and crying all the way home show some things about your true character.  You’re not, nor have you ever been the party guy that us conservatives have been.  This also shows that you haven’t been in this for the party, or for the people for that matter.  You’re only concerned with keeping your taxpayer funded job, everyone else be damned.

I was initially bothered by your lack of endorsement for O’Donnell, but at this point, I can think of stray dogs that have higher standing than you.  Have fun looking for a real job.