What the Hell is Happening in Nevada?

From CNN:

Jon Ralston, host of “Face to Face,” used Thursday’s broadcast as a platform to air a grievance with Angle after a campaign spokesman canceled a debate that her deputy campaign manager had agreed to only hours before.

“Earlier today Sharron Angle’s campaign agreed to accept our invitation to debate Harry Reid on ‘Face to Face’ in an hour-long live broadcast from Reno on October 21st. Within hours of Reid accepting, Angle’s campaign called to say, well, its backing out now,” Ralston said.

Look, I’m as excited and optimistic as the next guy about the 2010 midterms, but what’s going on in Nevada?  Harry Reid’s seat should be a slam dunk.  He’s the party leader in the Senate, he’s pushed through a lot of the unpopular Obama agenda items, and his approval rating is lower than Biden’s IQ (which is pretty darn low, as we all know).  So why is Angle trailing in the polls now?  And more importantly, why is she backing out of debates after hearing her talk about doing “real” debates and “real” interviews.

I know it’s the strategy of the mainstream media to attack our candidates and make them seem extreme and stupid, but Angle’s starting to worry me.  I never hear her on Rush, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, or Laura Ingraham’s radio shows.  She’s never on FOX.  Is she even doing local interviews?  If she’s not, what the hell is she waiting for?

Taking liberal seats, including Reid’s, is a national project.  I’ve donated money to other candidates outside of Nebraska, but I’m seriously doubting contributing anything to her.  Is this race that conservatives outside of Nevada can take seriously anymore?

If Angle can prove me wrong, I’ll gladly shut up and give her the same amount I’ve been able to contribute to other candidates in tight races.  But she needs to show us something,  Right now with this latest incident and her trailing in most polls that are coming out in a race that should be this easy really make me doubt her validity.

Flame away!