Ben Nelson Begins his Makeover to Try to Save his Job

Meet Ben Nelson (D-NE), fiscally conservative Democrat.

At least that what he wants Nebraska voters to think.

No doubt, Ben Nelson will use his “no” vote on unemployment benefits extension when he runs again in 2012.  The reason he voted against extending benefits?

From CNN.com:

In this week’s votes, Nelson insisted that Democrats find a way to pay for the extension of benefits. He said there are some stimulus funds that could be used — an idea that Republicans back.

So, all of a sudden Ben Nelson, just want to stress D-NE, is concerned about yet another entitlement bill having no money to pay for it?  Wow; I remember it like it was practically yesterday that he sold out Cornhusker State voters as the result of a kickback in order to vote for Obamacare.  As I recall, we didn’t have any money to pay for that, either…..wait a minute, we’ll be raising taxes to pay for that, so it doesn’t matter.  He also voted for the stimulus bill, and we had money to pay for that, right? 

Look, this guys is far from a fiscal conservative.  Did you know that your tax payer funded dollars went to pay for parking at a museum here in Omaha once?  Nelson also has a rating of 5 from Citizens Against Government Waste from 2008 and a lifetime rating of 18.  He makes Russ Feingold look like Jim DeMint.

We’re not swayed, Senator.  You didn’t vote against this bill because of spending concerns.  After all there were a couple of Republican votes, which saved you from having to support the bill.  You managed to fool the citizens of Nebraska here long enough.  Beginning in 2012, you’re officially unemployed.