So, What's YOUR Obesity Rating?

Remember when Nancy Pelosi said that the healthcare bill needed to be passed so we can all find out what’s in it?  Well, get ready for this one.  From CNSNews.com:

CNSNews.com) – New federal regulations issued this week stipulate that the electronic health records–that all Americans are supposed to have by 2014 under the terms of the stimulus law that President Barack Obama signed last year–must record not only the traditional measures of height and weight, but also the Body Mass Index: a measure of obesity.

The obesity-rating regulation states that every American’s electronic health record must: “Calculate body mass index. Automatically calculate and display body mass index (BMI) based on a patient’s height and weight.”

And it gets better….it seems that your own personal business regarding your waistline will be available for everyone to see:

The law also requires that these electronic health records be available–with appropriate security measures–on a national exchange

Remember when the liberals were railing against Bush about the PATRIOT act?  Remember how the ACLU was terrified about the fact that, somehow, picking up chatter about terrorist attacks was illegal and an invasion of our privacy?  Well, now that my “obesity rating” will be on a national exchange of electronic health records, I’d like to ask the ACLU where the hell they are now.

I was about to ask why such information would need to be made available on a national exchange, but if you’re gonna have to ration care, then I guess Uncle Sam needs to know how big my waistline is now.

I’ve sent an e-mail to Senator Cornhusker Kickback Ben Nelson to see how he feels about this; did he know that such a ridiculous provision was in the healthcare bill, or was he so worried about securing pork goodies to save his rear in 2012 to know that his constiuents’ (as well as the citizens of the United States) true privacy are being violated?

Doubt I’ll get a response……..