Bad News for Democrats

I know it’s only a year out from the 2010 election, but the news from this poll on Rasmussen can’t be what the Democrats want to hear right now.

A six-point lead in health care (46%-40%), 14-point lead in the economy (49%-35%), and a 15-point lead in taxes (50%-35%), and a whopping 23-point lead in national security (54%-31%) are the highlights.  I won’t quote every single result, but I think these are the three most important issues on the minds of voters right now.

Looks to all of us that the Democrats are ready to run forward with health care anyway, regardless of what the polling data is showing, which means that they’re extremely confident that even a landslide loss in 2010 wouldn’t stop the sharp left turn America will make if the health care lie and Obama’s other European-inspired initiatives are passed.  I know it sounds politically suicidal at this point, but they’re willing to go all in for the sake of establishing socialism in the United States.

We shouldn’t be looking at the poll numbers cracking open the champagne.  We need to be calling our Representatives and Senators every day to oppose the BS coming from this President.