Losing Specter Means the GOP is Doing Something RIGHT!

Democrats are fawning all over Alren Specter, like he’s the new Jim Jeffords…..oh wait.

Look, Arlen Specter leaving the Republica n party is a great start.  There are consequences to face, of course, but it’s time for Specter and the like (Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, take notice) to get the hell out and join the side they really want to be a part of.  By this time, we know that this isn’t the first time Specter switched parties for political gain, and his strategy of becoming a Democrat to defeate Pat Toomey may show him he’ll have no job in Washington waiting for him no matter what he registered as.

Right now, conservatives are getting trashed in the MSM for not allowing “moderates” in their presence.  You see, I think the term “moderate” is thrown around way too much in both political parties.  For example, they like to call Ben Nelson (Democrat from Nebraska) a moderate just because he’s anti-abortion (supposedly).  He voted for the stimulus bill, he’ll vote for the budget, he supports tax increases, and was instrumental in only allowing some of Bush’s judicial nominees (along with McCain) in that gang of 14 mess.  Is Ben Nelson a moderate or conservative Democrat for going along with the biggest increase in government expansion in history?  Of course not. 

On the Republican side, they throw out Rudy Giuliani’s name as “moderate.”  Giuliani opposes tax increases, opposes nationalized health care, actually wants to kill terrorists, and reign in government spending.  Because of his stance on abortion and gay marriage, he’s a moderate?  I would venture to say Giuliani is more conservative than a lot of beltway GOP’ers.

So I ask, with Specter supporting the bailouts, supporting the stimulus, wanting to treat terrorists better than our unborn children, supporting nationalized healthcare, and fastening his lips to Obama’s rear, he’s a moderate?  Sounds pretty liberal to me.  He probably would have supported everything Obama would have asked for even if he stayed registered as a Republican for the sake of getting re-elected!

I say this; don’t let the door hit your rear on the way out, Senator Specter.  You’ll find come next November, you’ll be yet another unemployed Democrat joining your good buddy Harry Reid.