I Suspect Something Sinister Behind Judd Gregg Being Commerce Secretary

According to various media outlets, New Hampshire Republican Senator Judd Gregg is in the running for Commerce Secretary.  If this is true, I certainly hope the Obama administration has decided to do the proper vetting and make sure Gregg is current on his taxes, or isn’t under some sort of criminal investigation, or isn’t a lobbyist.

Gregg was a businessman in Nashua before being getting into politics, and he’s been the chairmen and is currently the ranking member on the Senate budget committee.  He’s qualified )and I think moreso than Bill Richardson was) to head up Commerce.  However, President Obama has backed out on having bipartisanship in his cabinet, with his only claim to doing so being Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.  Coincidentally, Gates isn’t even registered as a Republican.  With Commerce being open, Obama would actually be smart to appoint Gregg, but Gregg accepting the position could prove disastrous.

If Gregg is offered the position, accepts the position, and is confirmed, then that means that New Hampshire’s Governor, Democrat John Lynch, would have to appoint a replacement.  And being a Democrat, I hardly doubt Lynch would appoint a Republican to the seat.  What’s important is that after Al Franken is successful in stealing the Minnesota seat from Norm Coleman, and with Gregg in the cabinet, Lynch’s appointment would mean 60 Democrat senators, and hence the Republicans couldn’t even muster the numbers for a fillibuster.

President Obama may have fooled the majority of Americans into having them believe he’s some sort of religious icon, he can fix the economy after being sworn in, and he can restore our nation’s image by weakening our national security.  He’s already lied about public financing, his radical associations, being open and transparent, appointing Republicans to his cabinet, being bipartisan in the porkulus bill, and not having lobbyists in his administration.  What’s one more lie to the American people to make them believe he’s trying to bring the country together, although his agenda is to get his Democratic party more power so he can get anything he wants rammed through Congress with little to no opposition.

Anyone else find this as a coincidence since all House Republicans opposed the “stimulus” bill and it appears that most Senate Republicans (even though I’m sure the RINO’s like Graham, Snowe, Collins, and Hatch will latch their lips on Obama’s rear) oppose the bill as well?  This is a move not to bring the country together, but rather to tilt the scales so far in his favor that he can do whatever he wants.

The sad thing is the man who could potentially be caught in the middle, Senator Gregg.  I’m confident he can run Commerce effectively, but you know that he knows his decision would give Obama so much power he would have to consider turning it down.

Look, this may pass and Gregg might not even get approached about it.  But if this happens, we need to be responsible about letting the American people know what the true motive is behind this.