Barack Obama's Hypocritical Stance Toward the Israel/Hamas Conflict

Barack Obama hasn’t even taken office yet, and Congress is mulling over his plans for an economic stimulus plan.  He’s issued several statements from “The Office of the President-Elect” several times on his plans to get the economy back up and running.  Heck, he’s even trying to pull off the greatest con job by telling us that building bridges will create millions of new jobs.

When it comes to the conflict between Israel and Hamas, he falls miraculously silent.  His “office” has issued statements saying “there is only one president at a time” and they “intend to respect that.”

So, we hear how this man is supposed to be the answer to all the wrongs in the country and fixing the economy.  He’s going to get bin Laden.  He’s going to end the war in Iraq.  He issued a statement about the Mumbai attacks.  He’s had an answer for practically everything going on in current events (even though his primary answer is that it’s all Bush’s fault), but he’s been remarkably silent on the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Why is this?  Why is he hesitant to offer support to our ally Israel?  And why hasn’t Joe Biden, who has been no greater friend to Israel said anything?  Are you afriad to offend Hamas?  Why?  I understand Obama will feel pressure by both Israel and Hamas to support them, but can there be no clearer choice here?

I’m beginning to get it now.  Obama has the answer to everything….until the going gets rough.  If his foreign policy will consist of not supporting our allies, then we’re in a world of trouble.