If we can Only Win ONE Senate Seat in 2010......

….please let it be Harry Reid’s.  I would love nothing more than this arrogant do-nothing “leader” get the boot in two Novembers.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Senator Reid met with his campaign contributors late last month and expects to have around $3 million in his pocket by the end of 2008. Not too shabby for money, but there’s another number Reid must worry about:

Sen. Reid, however, faces a potentially tough fight. A recent Research 2000 poll of likely voters put his approval rating at 38% and his disapproval rating at 54%, a possible reflection of voters’ displeasure with gridlock and partisanship in Washington. And while Nevada broke for President-elect Barack Obama by 12 percentage points in November, the state voted for President George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004.

I have no idea what Daschle’s ratings were in 2004 going up against John Thune (who I wish would be in a leadership position seeon) but 38% isn’t good.  The article goes on to say that Reid is only up by six points (46-40) according to an early Research 2000 poll against Jon Porter, who lost his House seat after three terms representing an area outside of Las Vegas.  Brian Krolicki, Nevada’s Lt. Governor has also thrown his hat in the ring, but he was indicted for Enron-like accounting practices after his candidacy was announced.  Sound suspicious?

Republicans shouldn’t get too cocky, however.  After all:

Democrats say Nevada is a former swing state that has swung to their camp. The party now has a 100,000-person registration advantage there.

In 2004, the last time Sen. Reid was up for re-election, the number of registered Republicans and Democrats was about the same.

I wonder if that 100,000 counts the Dallas Cowboys roster and all of the other fraudulent ACORN registrations brought to light (by non MSM outlets) prior to the election?  A final note of concern is that I thought I heard on election night that the Las Vegas area accounts for 71% of Nevada voters.  If that’s true, then Mike Duncan’s “ignore big cities because they have more minority and younger voters” strategy won’t fly if we want to pick up this seat and make Nevada red again in 2012.

We need to get Harry Reid out of office, and we need to get him out ASAP!  I’m pledging a contribution the Republican nominee to get this do-nothing crook out of office.  We can’t look to 2012 unless we make some huge inroads in 2010, and I can’t think of a better start by getting Reid thrown out of Washington.