A College Republican writing about why he supports Ron Weiser

The Right Man for The Job

Ron Weiser is a man with experience, he has run a successful business for many years, served our country’s interests as ambassador to Slovakia for four years and raised the funds for the Republican Party to win in a landslide against the Democrats in 2010. Ron Weiser has fought tooth and nail for the Republican Party and to bring Right to Work to the state of Michigan. I believe that he will fight for the benefit of the students at the University of Michigan.

As a student there are a few things that are important to me. It is important that my rights are defended, it is important that my peers know what their Constitutional Rights are. It is important that the classroom is kept as a sacred place for learning and not used as a breeding ground for liberal indoctrination. I need my tuition to be affordable so that I can continue to attain a world class education that can only be found in these United States. Finally I need there to be top notch positions available that I can turn into a full-fledged career when I walk across the stage and am handed my diploma.

Ron Weiser will make sure I have all of these things. Ron Weiser understands that all men and women are created equal, meaning that race and gender have no place in determining whether or not someone should be admitted to the University of Michigan. Ron will make sure that everyone is educated on the Constitution, so that we all know what it means to be a good citizen. Ron will work to trim the budget to ensure that all in-state students can afford a world-class education. At Michigan State there was a professor who used lecture time to infect the minds of innocent students with liberal bias, Ron will make sure that does not happen. Finally, Ron Weiser worked day and night to make sure this state is a Right to Work state. That piece of legislation will make sure that Michigan is able to attract more and more, high quality jobs for years to come.

As a student I look at Ron Weiser, what he has accomplished, what he has put his heart and soul into accomplishing and I see someone who will fight for the benefit of the University and its students. Whether it be getting the Right to Work legislation passed so I know I will have an excellent job ready for me when I graduate. Or if I look at Ron Weiser’s experience in business or service in Slovakia. As a student I know Ron Weiser is the right person, at the right time and who we need as a University of Michigan Regent.

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