Do We Still Need Republicans? (Closed)

(Third party discussions are not permitted on Redstate.  The comments on this diary have been closed.)

I hope there is someone out there that can tell me I’m wrong.  I hope there is someone who can convince me that the GOP in the House and Senate will act as the last line of defense for conservative values.  I want to believe they will hold the line and fight laws that further advance statism and the nanny state.  I simply don’t see any evidence they will do anything other than be “less-Democrat”.

There are a number of arguments against third party candidates especially at the national level.  Conventional wisdom says the party out of power picks up seats in the off year election.  That looks good for 2014.  President Obama can’t run in 2016, so a GOP candidate will be on a little better playing field against the Democratic nominee.  Yet, do we see anything from this past November that tells us conventional wisdom will hold true in 2014?  In 2016?

More and more I believe there is just one reason why Governor Romney lost:

Conservatives have become focused on the next election, and no longer looks past the next two years.

Liberals did not get the nation where it is today by looking at the next two years.  They aren’t focused on controlling the Senate in 2014.  They have been looking at changing the culture over many, many elections.  They have been doing a great job of it. Does anyone actually believe if we ban 100 shot magazines and “semi-automatic weapons” liberals will never argue for another gun law?  If the GOP signs off on taxing the top 2%, do we believe in 2014 the Democrats won’t argue to tax the top 4%?  President Obama didn’t get Obamacare passed into law by promoting a single payer system.  He got the vehicle written into law for some future Democrat to achieve single payer healthcare.

Today we are told that the Republicans have offered a new “compromise” in the fiscal cliff debate.  The plan they are offering is one written by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.  That’s not a figure of speech.  It was literally written by California and New York liberals.  Yet there appears to be what the GOP leadership wants.  We either raise taxes or we raise taxes more with the promise to look at the possibility of spending cuts over the next ten to twenty years?

A third party may yield Democrat victories in 2014 and 2016.  This would be terrible, I don’t mean to gloss over that. But until we stop focusing on the next election and start focusing on changing the culture, we are probably going to be in for more losses than wins over the long haul anyway.  Does anyone reading this really expect the GOP to pick up the Senate or even hold the House in 2014?  Is there anyone reading this even excited about the chance to vote Republican in 2014?

The Republican leadership is a reflection of what they think they need to win the next cycle.  It has been for most of my lifetime.  It’s time to think about the next 100 years.  It’s time to forgot the next election and look for ways to fix our nation.  It’s time to write off the Republican Party and look for the party that’s willing to win our culture.