An Update on Red State Book Notes

I would normally post my thoughts here on the recent readings in New Deal or Raw Deal by Folsom.  However, I haven’t finished this weeks reading so I am going to put this off until next Sunday.  If you were better than me and finished the reading, feel free to post your comments here.

On a different note, this is going to  be the last book I cover for the book notes project.  I have enjoyed the work, and have learned a lot.  However, I have other things going on in my life that are pulling me away from this.  Therefore, I don’t believe I can do a good job leading this project any more.  I hope someone is willing to pick up this project.

This will be the ninth book we have covered here in the last year and a half.  All of the books were very well done, and great reads.  If someone wants to start guiding this project, I will send you my spreadsheet where I have tracked the original book list, and have taken notes of books that were suggested to augment the original list.

Have a great week, and I will see you here next week.