Book Notes: Mere Christianity Part Three

Back when Eric started this project, he gave one rule that I haven’t used since the beginning of the Book Notes project.  Each weeks’ book notes entry would..

…not be a “book review”, but rather our candid thoughts on the chapter, up to and including “the baby was sick all week and I didn’t get a chance to read it.”

I hate to say it, but I am invoking this rule this week.  I and my daughter both had the flu and were in bed sick most of the week.  Because of that, I can’t do justice to this weeks reading in a post today.  So I am hoping a few other people were able to read the section and saw something that really struck them.  If so, post it here in the comments section.  Was it a particular chapter? line? thought?  or maybe something that caused you to re-examine how you look at something.  I would love to hear it.

For Next Week. I should be able to catch up with the reading for next Sunday.  Therefore, I hope to feel much better this week, and to cover up through Book 4, Chapter 3.   Have a good week, and those of you snowed in, be safe.