Book Notes: How to Approach Christianity

Our last reading introduced us to some pretty compelling reasons as to why a god must exist.  This weeks reading makes the argument that this god is the Christian God, and lays out some of the expectations God has for us.  I want to spend my time this week covering something Lewis says that I personally struggle with:  how to approach Christianity and obedience to God.

First, I have to admit that I am a political junkie.  In addition to reading and writing here on Red State, I write my own political blog.  I read Real Clear Politics every morning, and I am almost always reading a book from the current events section of my local bookstore.  I often read thinking, “how does this apply to my own political philosophy?”  Sometimes I catch myself doing this when I read the Bible or attend church services.  I want to quote the last section of this weeks reading, because I feel like it is talking directly to me in some ways:

And now, before I end, I am going to venture on a guess as to how this section has affected any who have read it.  My guess is that there are some Leftists people among them who are very angry that it has not gone further in that direction, and some people of an opposite sort who are angry because they think it has gone much too far  If so, that brings us right up against the real snag in all this drawing up of blueprints for a Christian society.  Most of us are not really approaching the subject in order to find out what Christianity says:  we are approaching it in the hope of finding support from Christianity for the views of our own party.  We are looking for an ally where we are offered either a Master or – a Judge.  I am just the same.

I am going to venture a guess that some of you reading this fall into the same trap that Mr. Lewis and I have both found ourselves in from time to time.    How do we avoid this very human temptation?  I know of only one way.  When we search for God’s purpose for us, and when we read His book looking for our direction, we need to ask what He wants of us and not what we would like for ourselves.  We should pray for the humility to see what God wants from us whether that path agrees with or own political leaning or not.

For Next Week: I want to cover up to the end of Chapter 9 in Book 3 “Charity”.  Have a good week and a happy new year!