Book Notes: Another Lesson from Witness

I wanted to use this weeks reading in Witness to discuss something that continues to surprise me in this book.  As Chambers recounts his career and his joining the Communist party, I am struck by how far into America the Communist Party had gotten.

Earlier in the book Chambers talks about the numerous federal offices that had Communist party members working in it.  Some of the offices and individuals mentioned were high up at the time.   As I read this book, I remember the black and white movies I watched as a kid, because that is what this book feels like: a movie.  But instead, this is the witness of an individual who knew these people.  Chambers actively helped some of them, and actively worked for the Communists.  This isn’t a new movie, it was really his life.

And this brings me to the lesson for this week.  If the Communists party was that firmly entrenched in the U.S. government then, is there someone else that firmly entrenched now?  I have no doubt there are a number of socialists who would love to see our country moved further towards Europe.  However, is there another organized group of individuals who have their members in our government?   Do the Russians still have people in our government?  The Saudis?  The Iranians?  The Chinese?

We know there are individuals like the imam of the Ground Zero mosque who are working towards goals that don’t line up with whats best for our nation.  These same individuals are working against us on the taxpayer dollar.  We can see these people working against our citizens.  Why can’t this administration?