LF 9: The Religion of Government

From the diaries by Erick. Chapter 10 next week.

But it’s worth looking at Reich as a true acolyte of the religion of government.

When I came to the above sentence, it occurred to me that the same could be said for many of the most prominent liberal / progressive / statist politicians in today’s world.  “Man-made global warming” is obviously one of the religions of today’s Democratic Party.  If Abortion isn’t the most sacred of the faiths, it’s really far up there.  But Jonah Goldberg points out the truth of the matter is that Hillary Clinton and others are true religious believers in the power of Government as a religion or a faith.

Time and time again in this chapter we see that Mrs. Clinton and others attempt to use government to give meaning to the lives of individuals.  Government can’t give meaning to my life.  In truth, I am insulted that anyone believes I would want the government to give me some sort of meaning.  My life derives meaning from my faith and my family.  However, to the liberal fascist, only the government can give us meaning.

I think this is a good lesson to learn in this book.  To liberals, the government is the be-all-end-all.  There is no source higher than it, and no crisis / problem can be solved without it.  The current health care debate is a great example.  The Democrats in congress believe the solution to all our health care needs is for the government to tell me what kind of health insurance I should have.  If I don’t get it, then I go to jail because I am part of the problem, not part of the solution.  What if I don’t want abortions, sex changes, drug abuse, or any number of other things covered in my health care?  Doesn’t matter.  The government knows best, and they have decided I shall have it.

I think this is a weakness in any political debate.  Liberals must put their faith in government to solve problems, while most conservatives believe that individuals are much better at solving their own problems.  This is also a message that could be reinforced with some of our Republican representatives.