Liberal Fascism Chapter 5: We have to do something!

I was struck reading chapter 5 of Liberal Fascism by how important action was above all else to different fascists groups of the 60’s. For example, when discussing the take over of Cornell, or the Weathermen, Mr. Goldberg discusses how important action is:

The fascist state of mind can best be described as “Enough talk, more action!” Close the books, get out of the library, get moving.  Take action! What kind of action? Direct action! Social action! Mass action! Revolutionary action! Action, action, action.

Or when discussing “movement”:

Few were more adept at using the jargon of the “movement” than fascists and pre-fascists.  Hitler uses the phrase “the Movement” over two hundred times in Mein Kampf. A Nazi Party journal was called Die Bewegung (The Movement).  The word “movement” itself is instructive.  Movement, unlike progress, doesn’t imply a fixed destination. Rather, it takes it as a given that any change is better. {emphasis mine}

How many times over the last year were we told, “We have to do something!!!” Whether it was regarding health care, the economy, stimulus, or even the auto manufacturer bailouts, any objection to the purposed law was met with the same refrain, “The status-quo won’t work.  We have to do something.”  This mentality ignores the fact that some changes can do more damage than the current system.  In any analysis of possible options, the “do nothing” approach has to be considered.

I won’t say that every argument for health care or bailouts or stimulus was fascist in nature.  However, it is interesting that on a key argument that has been used time and time again over the last year, the movement shares a tactic with fascism.