A Message to Garcia

Better  late than never.

I was stuck by just how accurate A Message describes the thinking of many people in today’s workforce.  I liked the section asking the reader to give an assignment to a co-worker.  In my experience, many people would ask “Why?” or “Why can’t so and so do it?”.

I would disagree with the author on one point.  The author describes the man who, “…has not the ability to manage a business of his own, and yet who is absolutely worthless to any one else, because he carries with him constantly the insane suspicion that his employer is oppressing, or intending to oppress him.”  The author says this many should be pitied as if he were a physical cripple.  I don’t believe this man should be pitied, but should be given an introduction to the No. 9 boot mentioned in the piece.

The problem is this same man believes he should be “given” a job.  He should have things “provided” to him because surely he deserves these things as well as the man who runs the business he works for.  If you tell this man that these things have costs, he will tell you that the business owner makes millions off the little people, he can afford to give back a little.  This is the same mentality that propels the current health care debate.

Growing up, I was given life lessons on how to provide for myself.  I was told to look for a job that will cover my needs.  I was told I would need to decide what was important to me: a big pay check or job stability, more time off, or better benefits.  I was told to make myself attractive to an employer so I could get that job.  I was told that once I have a job, make myself valuable to the company so I can keep my job.

Rowan was given a task and accomplished that task.  Many, many Americans do this everyday.  The problem is that many other Americans believe they are owed a house, a pay check, a nice car, and free health care.  They are not willing to carry the message to Garcia.  They want someone else to carry it while you “give” them the things they want.  We as conservatives need to explain why that doesn’t work.