The Great "Republican Moderate" Experiment Is Over

Democrats, read it and rejoice. Americans, who love our Constitution and freedoms–disaster.

George Bush was criticized for instituting a police state by wire tapping in foreign nations and for a prison in Cuba. Obama now proclaims that he will create a brown-shirt style police force right here on American soil–but no one cares. Shall we expect the Black Panthers to even change their uniforms? The video on Youtube, is it a taste of things to come?

This must be the second time in her life that Mrs. Obama can be proud of America. I guess that I cannot complain since this is really the second time that I’ve been disappointed with my country.

Prediction: There will be a plummeting of reenlistments in our military now. Moreover, enlistments will also plummet. Our soliders have fought with blood, sweat, and tears, and it appears Americans didn’t get it.

America to soldier: “Your leaving home to risk life and limb in a far away nation was worse than in vain; it was wrong.”

America to soldier: “Seeing your buddies and friends maimed and killed while fighting Al Queda in Iraq (no less than bin Laden himself admitted to this)–that too, was a useless endeavor.”

America to soldier: “All of the loss of life and treasure was based upon a lie.”

America to soldier: “Don’t not expect raises or cost of living increases for your military service or sacrifice, there are low income pre-schools which must be built as a result of mothers working and absent fathers.” (think “Great Society” here)

America to soldier: “If you are ever called to war, remember to stay alive until the American media tires of the battle, you will be called home thereafter.”

America to soldier: “We shall impose our social views on your military life. If you do not like hot-bunking with admitted homosexuals, that is entirely your problem–you are expected to sacrifice for our agenda.”

Here’s a message to America: Our soldiers have heretofore been the best in the world because our soldiers have felt that there is something to fight for back at home. Whether you agree with it or not, this election will result in an America that few soldiers will risk their life for. At the same time, our enemies are not fortifying their arms and armies simply because a US President won’t sit down and talk with them. America, you have poo-pooed the thought that evil actually exists in the world. For most of you, this viewpoint arises from your innate antipathy of religion. But I assure you, you will discover true evil over the next four to eight years. And it won’t be found in folks like me. I just hope that it will not be too late.

Americans, despite 9/11 you were given a great economy in which to thrive, until 2007 (coincidentally, just after the 2006 elections). Despite the media complaints, you have been protected from a terrorist attack by a man repeatedly maligned by the opposition party–all for power. Mark my words–all for power.

Will all of the community organizers now admit that America is no longer a racist nation? Will they now say that affirmative action is unnecessary? Hardly, once evil gets its foothold, it is very difficult to remove.

Prediction: A catastrophe is coming. I do not know what it will be, but I assure you that the test Joe Biden referred to is not going to be avoided–and it will be a true catastrophe.

Alas! Our poor Constitution! The document which has made us both rich and free as a nation: it is now subjected to a President who has declared it both worthless and an enemy to his plans. (yet, somehow, he is supposed to pledge to support and defend it). Our very Constitution now hangs in the balance.

My God grant us the ability to see the light before socialism gets its grip on America and shreds our Constitution.To the Republican Party. Remove those who are closet Democrats yet call themselves moderate Republicans. They are one in the same. Their big tent idea can never create a tent large enough to defeat the left. You Republicans have said that Reaganism is dead. Yes, it’s dead, but only because it has not been taught. Instead of converting your enemies, you decided to become more like them and nominate a candidate who is left-of-center. The beltway media that John McCain has carefully hand fed, never thought twice about biting. But Reaganism can never truly die, because at its heart is freedom and no party, government, tyranny, or other, can long suppress America’s desire for freedom. Republicans must now teach the principles of conservatism. Teach and teach some more, and continue teaching. Stop reaching out to scorpions. Instead convert them to your side by teaching them. It will not be easy. You will pay a price too. But you shall be rewarded.

To our Founding Fathers: I am sorry. I am so very sorry. Really, there is little that you yourselves could have done to prevent this, for a free nation must be subjected to the choice of its people to return to enslavement. I know what you must be thinking, but your decision to continue slavery with a nation rather than eliminate slavery without one, has caused you to be labeled bigoted and extreme, and worse, irrelevant. Heads is now tails and tails is now heads. With you I pray to our God that some righteous men will step forward to save your work and, perhaps, just perhaps, return us to the principles of government that you gave us.

To God: I will do my part to teach the truth to those who are hard of hearing. You already know that when truth strikes home it hurts and thus, too often, people reject it. But You are in charge. You must be in charge or all is lost. If our nation is to be punished for its sins, I pray that it not be so through wars and pestilences. Please send us wise men, raised for the purpose, who can turn this people back to the way of freedom. Amen.