Our Quest For The Antichrist

This is serious. Consider the following: America’s most left-wing politician. A man with absolutely zero experience in governance. A man who cavorts with convicted, unrepentant terrorists. A man whose own wife apparently believed that her country was nothing to be proud of. A man whose pastor is hell-bent on punishing both his country and a whole race of people. Suddenly, this same man is on the verge of being placed atop of the most powerful government that the world has ever known.

Laughingly, for months now I have heard conservative commentators sarcastically refer to Barack Obama as the “Messiah.” Then, belatedly, it struck me. Without descending into a debate about religion, here is a man, from abortion to gay marriage, stands in opposition to everything that most Christians believe. Yet little children are being taught to sing:

*Obama's gonna change it; Obama's gonna lead them.  We're gonna change the word.*


But it gets worse: In Kansas, and undoubtedly elsewhere, high school aged youths are being “indoctrinated”–their words, not mine–about the virtues of messiah Obama. Students of a so-called Junior Fraternity Regiment (read “brown shirts”) apparently feel compelled to credit every success they will ever achieve to: a politician who does not represent them; has not supported any legislation that directly affects them; and who has never governed them, or anyone else, in his lifetime–Barack Hussein Obama. The Obama Youth Regiment enters into a classroom room marching, and while marching these soldiers chant “alpha-omega.” In case you missed it, this is the same name that Jesus Christ himself, another messiah, used. “Alpha and Omega” is understood by all to be an appellation for God himself.


1 John 2:18: “Little children, it is the last time[s]; and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come . . . whereby know that this is the last time[s].” (KJV). Now, I realize that Wikipedia is not a definitive source for information, but is it just coincidence that, under Wiki’s definition of antichrist, it reads: “anti-Christ means a person, office, or group recognized as fulfilling the Biblical prophecies about one who will oppose Christ and substitute himself in Christ’s place?” If Obama hasn’t done that, his followers certainly appear to have done so.

In truth, this forum is the only refuge left for people who fear an Obama Presidency. Our own corrupted government will attack us for bringing similar views to the public airwaves and newsprint. Thanks to McCain and others.

People who earnestly seek the Christianity which was at the heart of the Founders of this Country, can no longer speak without the mockery of, and assault by, the new majority, anti-religious hegemony.

For myself, I shall speak the truth and inquire of, and test, everything. I fully expect to be attacked for my viewpoints here, but for me the truth trumps all. If I am a bigot, then I will proudly wear the moniker. If I am racist–wherever that seems to come from–then so be it. What I truly am, is fearful of a President Obama, and the resultant loss of freedom for the freedom-loving. And I welcome any facts to change my view.