Lady And The Tramp

Here’s a challenge: search for a few of the remaining “Hillary for President” forums. It is amazing what those left-of-center gals are posting about Governor Palin–they love her! Not because she’s a conservative, of course, but because she is a strong-willed, non-apologetic, woman who has managed to juggle both family and governmental service.

Because McCain’s nomination had dispirited so many conservatives in the Republican party, one might have questioned whether he would have even bested the Libertarian candidate come November 4th. But Palin provides the Republican base the hope that, given the choice between a communist and a socialist, Americans will choose the socialist who has a rock-ribbed conservative by his side.

The more that Palin’s history is unveiled the more she looks like fly-over country. And the more we Americans like her. Palin’s “experience” in government demonstrates that she will adhere to our Constitution and limit the role of government in our lives. This is what conservatism needs to thrive.