Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) Wants YOUR Resume

By Andrew Cray

At the end of President Bush’s last year in office, the unemployment rate was 7.2%. This was during the so-called worst recession since the Great Depression. For most of 2010 the unemployment rate was teetering near 10 percent with the government constant readjusting employment figures after each release. With last weeks disappointing job numbers and a minimal drop from 9.8 percent to 9.4 percent, the Democrats are looking for opportunities to capitalize on their small gain, even as numbers show the decline in the rate is due to job seekers abandoning their searches.

So why does Congressman Jackson (D-IL) want your resume?

“By collecting these resumes, I hope to dramatize the shameful condition of unemployment and compel action to do something about it.” Jackson said on Friday. “ I hope to remind my colleagues every day that we work for those Americans who have been left behind, but who want to work.” Citizens can send resumes to [email protected] or send them to Jackson’s congressional office at 2419 Rayburn House Office Building.

There’s a caveat though–although thousands will probably send Representative Jackson their resume, he warns, “Sending a resume to me will not put you first in line for any job. But it will put you front and center to remind your government that so many Americans are in need, and that we must create jobs.”

Jackson’s motives are to do what Liberals and Progressives have been doing for years. Using the plight of citizens to push their social changes that have caused the chaos we find ourselves in. The liberal cause is solely responsible for promoting sub-prime lending, and the ridiculous taxation on businesses forcing most to leave American shores for foreign ones. Sending resumes to Representative Jackson is merely a weak attempt to gain support from his base and to give the appearance that the Democrats will use this to push forth a jobs agenda that will create jobs.

However, one fact is over looked. The Democrats had legislative control for four years. They have spent billions of dollars attempting to flood the system and bully businesses into spending cash reserves to boost employment. November’s landslide elections proved that the people dislike the liberal agenda and Jackson’s attempt to appease the American people is pathetic.

I challenge you to send him your resume. But when you do, write CONSERVATIVE in red ink.