Recovery? What Recovery?

Think about it. The bickering in Washington about whether to extend the Bush tax cuts is deeper than whether or not one class benefits or suffers. The tax cuts signify whether our economy can piece itself back together or remain stagnant. According to the Department of Labor, four hundred and thirty six thousand unemployment claims were filed last week. The unemployment rate has been flirting with ten percent all year, and the Obama administration has the audacity to claim economic recovery is taking place. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has recently been quoted as saying “at the rate we’re going, it can be four or five years until we are back to a normal unemployment rate.”

Really? Four or five years? That’s being very optimistic.

This isn’t what the American people signed up for. What happened to the stimulus package providing “shovel ready jobs?” Men and women across the country are spending this holiday season wondering where they will get their next paycheck from rather than what to get their children for Christmas.  Instead of providing jobs, the Administration plans on “compromising” with Republicans to extend unemployment benefits in exchange for extending the Bush tax cuts.

If the Republicans have learned anything from their victory in the midterms, the word compromise shouldn’t be in their vocabulary. The American people voted decisively against the status quo and now they have the Democrats by the throat. This is a chance to call their bluff and finally debunk the myth of the Bush tax cuts solely benefiting the rich. If the liberal majority lame duck session does not pass legislation to extend the tax cuts,  President Obama will then have broken his promise to the middle class by raising their taxes.