Things for Trump supporters to consider about his Victories, AKA Don't Break Out the Popcorn, Party Hats, and Confettti Prematurely

As to some of the lists I’ve been seeing touting Trump’s victories, I’d advise being a little more cautious.

First off, I’d recommend discovering how Gorush and Kavanugh vote on key issues now that they are safely ensconced before considering them a verified win. There’s also John Roberts of the Judas Caucus to consider, as he’s already betrayed us once on the ObamaScare “tax” issue, and may choose to do so again as a “swing vote.” Also on the ObamaScare matter, once ANY government program starts, it really SHOULD be considered the Undead. Until A: The fictional Abraham Van Helsing shows up to drive a stake through its budget B: Rosie O’Doofus shows up to sing an aria and C: Fictional “Bones” McCoy shows up with his tricorder, does a scan, and says, “It’s dead, Jim” just to make assurance DOUBLY sure, people REALLY shouldn’t cherish any false hopes it won’t rise again and is WELL and TRULY dead.

Next, unless Trump has done an EO to say otherwise, and that EO has survived a court challenge from Captain Renault’s “Usual Suspects” and I didn’t hear about it, Anchor Babies as far as I am aware are STILL a thing.

Finally, I’m not at ALL sure all the Commie’s clearances in government departments have actually been revoked. I strongly suspect there may STILL be quite a few 5th Columnists outstanding in the bureaucracy that haven’t been dealt with, namely, the ones who are smart enough NOT to polish their own apple on their Resistance cred when somebody able to record it might be around.