Thank you, John S. McCain.

Though I would have preferred a more conservative candidate, I have nothing but admiration now for John S. McCain. I have been following politics since 1960, and rarely if ever have I seen a man put more energy into his campaign – even campaigning until the polls closed on election day. I have quibbles with the campaign of course, but in summary I think we all owe a giant thanks to John for:

  1. Throwing himself completely into the campaign, and showing more energy than most men half his age could.

  2. Picking a very conservative running mate.

  3. Running a high-class campaign about the issues.

  4. Picking a “Country First” campaign theme.

  5. His career of service to our nation.

I might add a personal note on “Country First”. Two nights ago my wife came upstairs crying. I found out she had just read the interviews with Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain in People(?) magazine. She said it struck her how every word Michelle said was about how smart Obama was, how much he always got what he set out to get, how exceptional he was, his achievements, etc – all egocentric. Cindy’s words were about her husband’s love for his country and how that completely defined him. My wife was completely overwhelmed by the difference of selfish egotism vs. true love for America. BTW, my wife is Japanese and got her US citizenship 12 years ago – and more than most who grew up here she has come to appreciate the innate goodness and the uniqueness of our country.

God Bless America, and God Bless John S. McCain.