A Marine Worthy of Our Support for Governor of New Mexico

Colonel Allen Weh is a retired Marine, and successful businessman, worthy of our support in his “hard charging” run for Governor of New Mexico. Weh has been running a strong grass roots ground campaign via his bus tour of the state. A recent Rasmussen poll showed that Weh, running in the Republican primary among 4 other candidates, is one of two Republicans within 10 points of the incumbent Lt. Governor and Democratic gubernatorial nominee Diane Denish. Denish has been in office for almost 8 years as Lt. Governor.

Weh, a highly decorated Marine Corps Colonel, was awarded the Silver Star for bravery after he and his recon team accomplished a difficult reconnaissance mission in the Vietnam War.  Weh was badly wounded in combat during the action but returned to Vietnam for a second tour of duty.  While serving in Vietnam, he received the Silver Star, the Bronze Star with “V” for Heroism, three Purple Hearts, and other awards.  He went on to serve in the Marine Corps Reserve until 2004, being recalled for the Persian Gulf War and seeing deployments to Somalia and Iraq.” 

Weh, the CEO of CSI Aviation Services, Inc. a 31-year old company founded by he and his wife, says, “New Mexicans are looking for a seasoned leader to get the job done and turn this state right-side up, and they tell me they are tired of career politicians.  I couldn’t agree with them more… I’ve run a business, led Marines in combat, raised a family and given back what I can to my country and to the state of New Mexico. I have time for one more tour of duty, and this time I’m asking the voters to send me to Santa Fe, so that we can change the way business is done there and put people back to work.”

Weh, a conservative, who has never run for political office, concerning the recent health care reform legislation stated, “And you better believe that as your governor, I will fight every day until this bill is overturned.” The New Mexico Republican primary election is on June 1st, 2010.

As Erick said earlier, “We have to get conservatives elected nation wide. It is not enough to focus on Washington. It is not enough to focus on our own state. We need to look across the country and find good conservatives down to the local level. Somewhere between town council and the United States Senate though are those candidates who have a measurable, tangible, real impact on national issues, but are in the states. Governors are like that. Think of the real impact Bobby Jindal has had on the health care debate. Or Rick Perry. Or, in a negative way, Charlie Crist and the stimulus.”

Colonel Weh is the leader New Mexico needs as its next governor. Please visit Colonel Weh’s web site and view his initial campaign TV ad. http://www.allenweh2010.com/