Time for A New Birth of Freedom

Well, it appears that we may be at the crossroads. Either this nation will be one nation under God, or become a nation under men. Time for choosing permanent sides – no more middle ground. Either you believe in state control of the people, or you believe in liberty and individual rights.

The Framers knew what they stood for and why; Abraham Lincoln knew as well; as did John Kennedy; and Ronald Reagan. Either we begin to elect statesmen, or we descend into the annuls of history. This nation is still ruled by the people. The people have one last chance if this bill passes – Election Day November 2010.

I know quite well that most of you are patriots. The time to start planning and steeling ourselves for the battle ahead is today. Get behind conservative candidates now, by donating your time and money. Never trust anyone who does not speak in plain language. Too many Americans were charmed by Clinton and most recently Obama. We can no longer elect dishonest, self-serving people to public office – at any level of government. The consequences of doing so are now laid bare.

The term “liberal” used to mean support for equality of opportunity and access. Now it has been redefined to mean state-control and socialism. The term “conservative” now means support for equality of opportunity and access for all. Conservative means “common sense” or “prudence” or “wisdom.” We must henceforth call a “spade” a “spade;” and a “duck” a “duck.” A “progressive” is a “liberal,” and nothing else. We must not be confused or submit to politically expedient lexicon. Even the Democrats who will vote against this government intrustion and takeover, are only doing so out of fear of losing their congressional seats. If there had been no uprising from you, this takeover would have occurred last summer.

Folks as you know, our very liberty is now at great risk; greater than from previous outside forces, because this enemy is within, and among us. These liberals will reduce the United States to the status of a third world country. They are deceived into thinking that they can create utopia on earth by reducing the United States to equal or lesser economic and military power than other nations; and this is their objective. A weakened United States cannot defend our sacred liberty. Even now, Russia and China are seeking to exploit the oil resources in our own back yard, while we do not. This is the precipice to them entering our hemisphere in a strategic manner which will threaten our security. We must not bankrupt our nation if it is to survive.

It is up to us now. The liberals have struck at Pearl Harbor. They have invaded the culture; the school system; the financial and banking system; the auto industry; and the health care system. Their next target will be the energy sector.

The time to strike back at Tokyo must begin now; and we must be relentless in our offensive. Please do not despair. As Lincoln said on the occasion of his 2nd Inaugural Address, “Intelligence, patriotism, Christianity, and a firm reliance upon Him who has never yet forsaken this favored land are still competent to adjust in the best way all our present difficulty.” We will meet and defeat this threat no matter how long or difficult the road ahead, with belief in each other; our values; our history; and the same firm reliance upon Him as the signers of the Declaration, and Abraham Lincoln. Today, we must begin anew; with a new birth of freedom. I can smell it in the air; smells like victory. Let’s get after it!